Manga Review: FukuFuku Kitten Tales V1 by Konami Kanata

May Contain Spoilers

FukuFuku Kitten Tales is typical of Konami Kanata – Cute!  FukuFuku has her owner wrapped around her little claws in this collection of short slice of life comics  about the kitten and her elderly owner.  From her first day in her new home to her first introduction of the joyous warmth of the kotatsu, FukuFuku quietly and endearingly takes ownership of her new person. 

I enjoyed this manga because FukuFuku reminds me so much of my dog, Poppy.  We often joke that she is half feline, unlike her twin brother Bumble who is all dog.  Just like FukuFuku, Poppy has to attack things that aren’t hers, snuggle up under the covers, and beg for food that she won’t like (Bumble likes everything!  Even leaves!).  Knowing that I am not the only one wrapped around a mischievous critter’s dew claw made me feel better about myself.  I am not the only one to fall victim to the cuteness of small, cuddly animals! 

Recommended for animal lovers!

Grade: B

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About the book:

From the author of the New York Times manga best Chi’s Sweet Home comes a delightful series of vignettes in the life of a kitten and her doting owner.  To a young kitten, even the most mundane things appear fresh and exciting (and sometimes unpleasant or scary).  Join FukuFuku on her journey and rediscover the world from a tiny cat’s point of view.

About the Author:

Konami Kanata was born on July 3, 1958, in Nagano, Japan.  A veteran manga artist Konami made her professional debut in 1982 with the serialized comic Petit Cat Jam-Jam for Kodansha’s semenal shoujo manga magazine NakaYoshi. The daughter of an elementary school teacher, most of Konami’s stories are for readers of all ages making her one of the most accessible artists in recent history.

In her nearly thirty year career, Konami has penned more than a dozen comic series, with the majority of them focusing on cats and pets. Konami is well regarded within the pet-manga community for her keen sense of cat ecology. Her ability to observe and render feline behavior has earned her respect from the Japanese manga community as a whole. While most of her properties were published for a younger female demographic, her most recent series Chi’s Sweet Home is currently being published by Kodansha’s Morning magazine, Japan’s leading comic magazine for adult readers. Proving that quality can be found even in the cutest of sources.

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