Excerpt and Giveaway–Vampire Trouble by Sara Humphreys

A fledgling vampire ignites a war…

Maya remembers the last moments of her life as a human with haunting clarity, and every man she meets pays the price…until Shane. Finding herself in the middle of a bloody fight between vampires and werewolves, Maya has no choice but to let the devastatingly sexy vampire guard get close to her.

And that’s not all that heats up…

Shane Quesada, a four-century-old vampire sentry, is known for his cold, unemotional precision, but once Maya begins to invade his dreams, his world is changed forever. His job to protect her is swiftly replaced by the all-consuming need to claim her as his own.


Maya’s mind merged with his like a thunderbolt and Shane reared back, shocked by the sudden and combustible psychic connection. Maya looked up at him through large blue eyes, and Shane watched the two tiny holes on her neck close, leaving no evidence behind.

Running one finger along her jawline, he captured her heavily lidded gaze with his. After tasting her blood, Shane was certain that Maya was far more fragile than she would have anyone believe. She was lost and reminded him of someone fighting her way through the fog with no one else in sight. Alone and frightened.

To his surprise, he was unable to read her blood memories. That was a first. It was as though all of her memories were shrouded in secrecy, hidden from anyone and everyone. The strangest part was that he didn’t even think Maya knew she was doing it.

Even though he wanted nothing more than to claim her as his, words of caution ran through his head. For all her bravado, Maya Robertson was clinging to her existence with every ounce of strength she had. She was the most haunted soul he’d ever encountered.

Shane could not take her or tell her about the possibility that they were bloodmates until she knew she was safe with him, and she’d never feel safe until she rid herself of the demons that haunted her. Shane knew all too well about demons. He’d let the memory of his maker haunt him for more years than he cared to admit.

Maya wasn’t haunted by her maker. Instead, she was tormented by a human life she could barely remember and a vicious attack she couldn’t forget.

She licked her lower lip seductively and slipped her hands under Shane’s coat, settling them on his waist. As she tugged his hips to her, a grin cracked her face, widening when the evidence of his desire pressed against her hip.

“You want what all men want.” Her honeyed voice wafted over him as her fingers slipped beneath the edge of his shirt and curled temptingly against his flesh. She popped up on her toes and flicked her tongue over his lips, testing every ounce of his resolve. “Don’t you, Shane? Do you think I’ll let you take it? Taking my blood is one thing, but taking my body is quite another.”

He held his ground and admitted to himself that Maya wasn’t entirely wrong. Shane wanted her more than any other woman, human or vampire, but the taunting tone of her voice, combined with the familiar look in her eye, gave him pause.

It was the same stone-­cold look Maya gave her prey.

“No,” he said flatly. Shane abruptly pushed himself off the tree and immediately put distance between them. “You will find that I am nothing like the men you’ve dallied with, human or vampire. I tasted your blood because that will allow me to track you anywhere, if I have to. With the wolves in town, it will provide an extra measure of security.”

It was a partial truth—­and a cruel one, at that—­but it was the only one he was prepared to reveal at the moment.

“What?” Maya’s mouth fell open and her fangs retracted as she stared at him in disbelief.

“And there is something else you will soon realize.” Shane pulled his leather gloves out of his pockets and tugged them on, not to protect himself from silver but to resist the urge to touch her again.

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    That’s a nice excerpt

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