Guest Post by Isaac Solomon, Author of Emanuel Stone and The Phoenix Shadow

Today, Isaac Solomon is visiting with a guest post about terrorism and social media.  What do you think?  What are your thoughts on social media and what’s the impact on organizing social rebellion?

“How terrorists will utilize social media in the World of Emanuel Stone in 2024.”

By Isaac Solomon


In the dystopian world of 2024 with widespread lawlessness, social, political and economic chaos, terrorists will have ‘ramped’ up the use of social media in all its forms to further their sickening agenda. The effectiveness of mass communication for evil is documented in recent history; the Arab Spring, the UK riots and dozens of conflicts internationally are galvanized simply by the use of social media.

Cheap and accessible

Social media’s convenience, affordability and global reach – platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, television and audio recordings are key tools used by terrorist groups who have developed sophisticated mass media communication strategies. No doubt by 2024 other media will supersede the top three.

Target audience

In the broken world of Emanuel Stone social media is employed as a means of recruitment, manipulation, indoctrination and control of converts/followers. Preying on the vulnerable and disaffected, using an age old tactic terrorists of the future will exploit fears while promoting selfish vanity and pride to destabilize society. Research has shown that troubled adolescents demonstrating obsessive-compulsive behaviour, depression, generalized and social anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, introversion, and other maladaptive behaviours tend to suffer more from internet addiction.


Cyber warfare thrives in the shadows and secret places. Even with increased security IT measures, extremists of the future will devise greater means of anonymous communication. With access to substantial finances, intellectual capital and political support in some instances, it is likely that fanatics will continue to use and develop comparable technologies that may even supersede some national capabilities. Highly advanced hacking software, disposable mobile phones as well as embedded information are strategies that will escalate.

Fuels societal dysfunction

It is not unreasonable to foresee that terrorists of 2024 will go all out to captivate the minds of people young and old – and for this social media in all its forms visual and aural will continue to be a key weapon of warfare. So well they employ the old adage: ‘Monkey see, monkey do!’ What people watch, write and listen to is what they will eventually play out.

About the book:

“Tragedy often gives birth to courage.” In the beginning life was sweet for the Nottingham teenager Emanuel Stone, until a gruesome triple killing changed his young life forever. Plagued and tormented by terrifying dreams and nightmares, Emanuel struggles in his grief to find meaning and hope. In the chaos and near anarchy of 2024 will his young heart ever heal? Will there be a purpose for his life after all? Meanwhile, thousands of miles away from the mountains of Peru to a sleepy Scottish village, a drama of love, betrayal, deceit and intrigue is unfolding. In a bizarre twist Emanuel finds himself unwittingly drawn into a vortex of international terrorism. Just who are the old man and the stunning blonde in the apartment next door?