Life to the Moment–Reading Slumps & Skyrim

Ugh! So I purchased a Nintendo Switch on Prime Day, mostly in anticipation for Let’s Go, Eevee. Yes, I am one of those. I play Pokemon Go every day. I admit I even plan lunches at restaurants with Poke stops so I can stock up on balls while eating. I spend most of our vacation time with my Go-tcha connected to my phone, so I can catch ‘em all day long. So when I saw a pretty good deal on the Switch, a memory card, and eShop credit, I finally made the jump. This was before the Pokemon Go bundles were announced, and while I wish I could have gotten one of those, I have spent so much time playing Skyrim that I accept that I will be stuck with a boring black Switch, instead of one with cute Pikachus and Eevees. I guess I can always decorate my Switch with stickers.

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