Manga Review: Slam Dunk V 3 by Takehiko Inoue

May Contain Spoilers

I had a copy of a Raijin release of Slam Dunk V 3. I didn’t even remember Gustoon! Entertainment until I found this in a box of books in the basement. As a subscriber to Raijin Comics, that’s just sad. I remember how exciting it was that a Japanese comics anthology was going to be released in the US. The hey days of Tokyopop, CMX, GoComi, and all of the other publishers who once released some great content, but then shuttered for various reasons, make me nostalgic. I still haven’t forgiven DC for closing CMX, and to this day rarely, if ever, pick up any of their mainstream comics. Bleh. So much for the glory days of manga. But things are looking up with Yen Press, Kodansha Digital Firsts, and of course, Viz, the company that picked up Slam Dunk after Raijin folded. But I digress. Sorry.

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