Review: Head Coach by Lia Riley

May Contain Spoilers

Head Coach is a quick, fun read about a hockey coach and a sports journalist. Neve has been covering the Hellions hockey team, and she is the bane of Tor’s existence. The head coach of the team doesn’t like distractions, and Neve has managed to constantly get under his skin. With his team struggling after one of the retirement of one of his key players and the threat of a team lockout when union negations take a turn for the worst,  he isn’t in a particularly pleasant mood when dealing with the press. When Neve and Tor are caught in a compromising situation, he tries to defuse the situation by letting her sports journalist peers know that he’s rather get naked with a penguin than Neve. Ouch! Not sure that I would be forgiving after a crack like that, and Neve isn’t too sure she can ever forgive him either.

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