Novella Review: The Sheriff’s Secret by Susan Meier



The Sheriff’s Secret is part of The Billionaire Matchmaker series, which features a four-legged matchmaker.

The Sheriff’s Secret is a quick, sexy read, and even though Dell could occasionally be a shallow jerk, I really enjoyed this story.  Marney is a jewelry designer whose work has been picked up by a shopping channel, so she is enjoying her success and reaping in the benefits of her hard work.  Single again after catching her husband cheating on her, she’s lost everything in the divorce; her condo, their mutual friends, and even her parents’ respect.  They can’t get over how she could allow her ex to get away.  He was a lawyer and made them feel like they had made a huge jump socially.  Never mind that he was a cheating scumbag and that Marney is doing just fine on her own, her parents just won’t let her forget what a prize she let go.

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