Graphic Novel Review: Attack on Titan V 2

May Contain Spoilers


Much like the first volume of Attack on Titan, this series just feels like a mish-mash of things I’ve read before.  The action picks up with the carnage after the wall has been breached by the human-eating monsters, and the precious few humans on Earth run scattering like chickens from foxes.  The young military graduates, newly recruited, are being slaughtered at an alarming rate.  Eren has already fallen in a gruesome attempt to rescue Armin, Mikasa is struggling to help the citizens save themselves from their own greed and privilege, and everyone has pretty much lost their minds during the bloodbath and ensuing feeding frenzy.

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Spotlight and Giveaway–What Happens in Scotland & Summer Is For Lovers



I have spotlight for Jennifer McQuiston’s What Happens in Scotland & Summer Is For Lovers.  Learn about the books, then enter for a chance to win them!

What Happens in Scotland & Summer Is For Lovers

By: Jennifer McQuiston


WHAT HAPPENS IN SCOTLAND (Released Feb 26th, 2013)

She woke up married… And then she ran. Read more