Spotlight: The Rings That Bind by Michelle Smart

I have a special treat this morning! Michelle Smart wanted to share an excerpt of her latest release The Rings That Bind.  The Rings That Bind is available now in both print and digital.

Excerpt for The Rings That Bind by Michelle Smart

“I’ve been looking on the internet and we can sort the divorce out ourselves.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Our divorce,” she said evenly. “There’s no point in us appointing lawyers. I don’t want anything from you and unless you want something from me…”

“I don’t recall agreeing to any divorce,” he cut in, the grip on his glass tightening.

She had it all figured out. She seriously thought she could tell him she wanted a divorce and then waltz off into the moonlight.

The nausea rolled up into his throat and lodged there, burning his vocal cords.

She seriously thought he would let her go.

Her warm eyes chilled and narrowed. “Actually, you did. When we married. Remember?”

He forced his throat to work. “That was eleven months ago. My feelings on the matter have changed.” Hell could freeze over before he let her leave.

“Well mine haven’t. As far as I’m concerned, my feelings on divorce are the same as they were then.” She got to her feet and stood as tall as her short, curvy frame would allow. “I’m sorry if my decision somehow inconveniences you – I had assumed you wouldn’t be bothered – and I’m sorry if somehow I have disappointed you but Nicolai, I can’t stay in this sham of a marriage for a second longer.”

Sadness rang in her eyes before she turned and headed for the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

The Rings That Bind is out now! If you enjoyed the excerpt, please click the link below to order a copy of the book.


About the book:

On his terms only…

The day Rosa agreed to wear Nicolai Baranski’s ring she wasn’t so foolish as to expect love. Yet nothing could have prepared her for the aching loneliness of her husband’s constant indifference—an indifference that proved too much to bear.

Nico is furious—no one turns their back on a Baranski. Rosa has some nerve if she thinks he will just let her walk away. He’ll use every sensual trick at his disposal to bring her back, begging for more. And once he’s got her where he wants her? He’ll let her go. But only when he’s ready!

You can learn more about Michelle by visiting her website.

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