Cover Shot! Princess in Love by Julianne MacLean

Cover Shot! is a regular feature here at the Café. I love discovering new covers, and when I find them, I like to share. More than anything else, I am consumed with the mystery that each new discovery represents. There is an allure to a beautiful cover. Will the story contained under the pages live up to promise of the gorgeous cover art?

I think I like the cover for Princess in Love by Julianne MacLean because it is so simple.  There aren’t any bold colors or aggressive poses, just a woman in a beautiful white dress perched (rather awkwardly) on a white sofa.  I think it’s very pretty.

In stores October 2012 – St Martins Press



She’s engaged to be married—to the wrong man…

Leopold Hunt, Marquess of Cavanaugh, is a secret Royalist with a distant hereditary claim to the throne. He has been groomed to one day overthrow the king and rebuild his family’s dynasty. Only one thing stands in his way: the king’s daughter, Rose.

Princess Rose has loved the marquess her entire life, but she is about to enter a political marriage—one that promises to help keep her father in power. There is virtually no way for Rose to escape her fate…yet she cannot resist the unstoppable passion she feels in the arms of the handsome and charming marquess. When a dangerous plot unfolds and puts their love to the ultimate test—Leopold must make a desperate choice: To honor his family or follow his heart.,

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Guest Post–Ednah Walters, Author of Betrayed and Giveaway!

Ednah Walters, the author of Betrayed, dropped by the virtual offices to share her favorite books read when she was a teen.  I love asking this question – let’s see what she has to say!

The Books I read when I was a Teen by Ednah Walters

Hahaha, this is a good one. First of all, we didn’t have variety in books like you do today. No designated YA or teen books, so I read grownup books. Then to make matters worse, I went to a boarding school ran by nuns during my middle and high school years, which meant only church approved books.

In my early teens, I was still reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Nuns loved those ones. Then I discovered my older sister’s romance novels—Silhouette, Harlequin and Mills & Boons. I read these during holidays and carried some to school to trade with my friends. Of course, we had to hide them during inspection. Half the time, I used a flashlight to read late into the night after lights were out.

It may surprise you to know that these adult romance books were so tame by comparison to adult romance of today. In fact, they were tamer than the present YA, where the hero and heroine can make out. In my teen years, the adult romance had no kissing until the end of the book. In fact, the hero had to ask for the woman’s hand in marriage first before kissing her.

In my late teens I continued reading romance, but I got into other genres—espionage, medical thrillers, political fiction. So other than Janet Dailey (one of the most successful romance writer during my teens) and Barbara Cartland, who wrote historical romance with dukes and duchesses and the other rakes of the ton, I also read Robert Ludlum (Bourne series), Mario Puzo (Godfather and the Sicilian), Tom Clancy and other male writers. In fact, there were very few female writers in other genres, except romance.

I’m happy I can write and read whatever I want now and our society is more accepting of women writers.

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