Angelic Runes Vol 1 by Makoto Tateno Manga Review

Title: Angelic Runes Vol 1

Author: Makoto Tateno

Publisher:  Digital  Manga

ISBN: 9781569701225

May Contain Spoilers

Sowil is a young mage on a mission.  He’s searching for the father he has never met, in hopes of learning why he possesses his mysterious power over ancient runes.  Along his journey, he encounters Allueh and Erudite, twins who also have strange and frightening abilities of their own.  They are oracles, and can speak with angels and demons.  The terrified populace of their village believe they are cursed and want to kill them to end the bad luck that has plagued them.  Can Sowil save them from a horrifying fate?

I liked this fantasy tale about angels, demons, and forgotten magic.  Sowil is a brave and kind hearted hero in search of answers about his past.  Allueh and Erudite are deceptively cute kids, who constantly say creepy things.  All three of them have been shunned for being different, and they quickly form a bond through their similar experiences.  After saving the twins from being buried alive, Sowil discovers that they speak for angels and demons.  Like him, they possess an ancient magic, and he longs to discover why they all have these strange abilities.

With Makoto Tateno’s dreamy art, Angelic Runes delivers a satisfying fantasy.  The twins communicate with various supernatural beings; Allueh to demons, and Erudite to angels.  Even the angels and demons find Sowil a puzzle, one that they are eager to solve.  They offer advice as the three journey across the land, searching for Sowil’s father.  Along the way, they discover that Sowil’s father has earned some enemies, and they have now targeted Sowil.  Will they survive long enough to find Sowil’s father?

The rune magic is interesting, giving Sowil power over water and fire, and even the ability to create wealth for himself.  He never wastes or abuses his magic, though, using them only to save others.   He only creates enough money to feed himself and the twins, aware that he could easily become corrupted by his magic. 

The world of Angelic Runes is intriguing, where angels and demons meddle in human lives, testing them or tempting them. You never get a sense that they are sinister or evil, but maybe a bit bored.  They interfere with Sowil’s life, like children playing ever so cautiously with a new toy.  Like them, I am curious about Sowil’s origins and the reason why nobody can remember his father.  Despite the unfortunate circumstances behind the twins and Sowil, they continue to be sympathetic towards others, especially when they are in need.  The pacing was a little uneven, but overall, I thought this a satisfying read, and I’m looking forward to the next volume

Grade: B