Moon Child Vol 13 by Reiko Shimizu Manga Review

Title: Moon Child Vol 13

Author:  Reiko Shimizu

Publisher: CMX

ISBN:  9781401217471

May Contain Spoilers

Oh, no!  One of my favorite series has drawn to a close.  I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about the ending, because there was a lot of ground to cover to tie up all of the plot threads.  Reiko Shimizu skillfully wove together a satisfying conclusion, throwing in a few surprises and making it impossible to put the book down until reaching the last page.  Even then, I wasn’t ready for it to be finished.  Moon Child has been a wonderful series since the first volume was released at the end of 2005, and I am going to miss it.  Hey, CMX, can you please license another one of her series?

Teruto, masquerading as the wealthy Gil Owens, has set his diabolical plan to destroy Jimmy into motion.  He has arranged for a test at the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl to go horribly awry, not caring how many people die in it’s wake.  Teruto has only one thought in his mind, and that is to utterly destroy both Jimmy and Art.   Little does he know that Shonach and Seth are still in the Soviet Union, and that both of them are well aware of the deadly plot that will kill thousands.  Can they stop it from happening?

This volume focused mainly on the actions of Gil, Shonach, and Seth.  Art and Jimmy get pushed to the background for the first half of the book, and because of the intense drama, I didn’t even miss them.  Gil has his hands full when Rita returns, but he is secure in the knowledge that nothing can put a stop to his plans to destroy the nuclear reactor.   Imagine his horror when he begins to question whether Seth left the Soviet Union to return to the United States.  If he hasn’t, and he’s trapped in Chernobyl, then Teruto has just signed his death sentence!  Though it would serve him right to kill his beloved Seth, it would have upset me to no end that Seth, once again, gets the short end of the stick.

My favorite couple in Moon Child is Shonach and Seth.  Seth has always had it rough, and competing with the beautiful Benjamin wasn’t easy.  Once Shonach first saw Benjamin, he couldn’t see anyone else, leaving Seth sad and lonely.  What a bitter pill it must have been to know that he would never mature into a mermaid and have the chance to bear Shonach’s eggs.  Here Jimmy is handed Shonach’s undying love without a fight, and she rejects him, choosing a fickle human instead.  Ouch. 

This final volume brings closure to all of the relationships in the series, for better or for worse.  In addition, Reiko Shimizu heaps on the angst and the suspense, delivering a solid, emotionally charged story.  The art remained crisp and clear throughout the entire run, featuring some of the most gorgeous covers, ever.  Moon Child, you were a wonderfully unique rollercoaster of weirdness, and I will miss you.  

Grade: A