Bride of the Water God Vol 2 by Mi-Kyung Yun Manhwa Review

Title: Bride of the Water God Vol 2

Author: Mi-Kyung Yun

Publisher: Dark Horse

ISBN: 9781593078836

May Contain Spoilers

Goodness, I don’t understand this muddled book at all.  What I do understand is that the art is spectacular, and Mi-Kyung Yun’s illustrations carried the entire volume for me.  The panel layouts are stunning and the deft line work just entrances.  The characters are all beautiful, with classical features that Greek statues would envy and make the coldest heart thaw.  The costumes and settings are intricately detailed, each panel crying out for a second look.  After finishing the book, I carefully flipped through all of the pages again just to soak up all of that gorgeous art.

So what about the story?  I love the concept of the young Soah being sacrificed by her village to appease the water god, and her finding a different reception that expected.  Instead of being killed, she is rescued and quickly settled into Habaek’s home.  What Soah doesn’t know it that her new groom is cursed, and during the day he is trapped in the body of a little boy.  Only at night does he regain his adult form.  Soah believes that the two are different people, not realizing that the adult Mui is actually Habaek.  What will she do about her growing attraction for the Mui?

The story is a tangled jumble and I am having a hard time figuring out what is going on.  To further complicate Soah’s life, she has to deal with other gods and their servants.  Not all of them are thrilled with her presence, and a few are jealous of the attention she is receiving from Mui.  That’s certainly understandable, because the guy is so freaking attractive.  How does this insignificant little human rate all of the water god’s attention?  Soah is trying to negotiate friend from foe, as well as uncover the answers to the mysteries surrounding her.  Maybe as she works her way through the riddles confronting her, the story will begin to make more sense?

Habaek’s past hints at a dark and tragic love.  Soah is determined to learn the fate of previous brides of the water god, but nobody is giving her a straight answer.  The palace intrigue captivates as much as it mystifies, and though I can’t honestly say that I comprehend much of what’s going on, there are enough  appealing elements to the story that I want to find out what happens next.  Besides, the art is so darned pretty, how can I resist it?

Grade: B-