But, I’m Your Teacher by Row Takakura Manga Review

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Title:  …but, I’m Your Teacher

Author:  Row Takakura

Publisher:  Kitty Media

ISBN:  1586558056

May Contain Spoilers

but, I’m Your Teacher is a yaoi anthology.  There are two chapters featuring shy substitute teacher Yahiro and his sexy student, Koga.  Yahiro initially attempts to resist Koga’s charms, but he is soon head over heels for his student.  He agonizes over their relationship, knowing that it’s wrong, but unable to break it off with the younger man. 

Overall, the book was entertaining, with stories that featured likable characters.  I enjoyed Honey Happy Baby, about Tomoya, who gets stuck babysitting his niece while his sister is out of town.  He and his new boyfriend, Tsukasa,  are soon caught up taking care of the baby.  I enjoyed this one because their relationship deepened during their childcare adventures.

Bloom was about Nozomu and his new step-brother, Sudou.  Handsome Sudou is the most admired guy in school, and he thinks Nozomu is adorable.  As the two get to know each other, their friendship begins to deepen into love.  It was a light-hearted, fluffy story.

I wish the last chapter had not been included in the book.  The View Through the Lens was about a sex offender who now gets his jollies photographing young men.  Ick, ick, ick! 

Grade:  C+

Rated for 18+

Because I’m a Boy! by Asia Watanabe Manga Review

Title:  Because I’m a Boy

Author:  Asia Watanabe

Publisher:  Kitty Media

ISBN:  159883021x

(Probably doesn’t)  Contain Spoilers (because that implies a plot!)

I purchased this book because the title sounded cute, and the back blurb made me believe it was about a Shinto priest in training and his childhood friend.  Imagine my dismay when I discovered that the story consisted of only 16 pages!  This was supposed to be the beginning of a “captivating story of romance and sexuality in full bloom.”  Nothing was allowed to bud in this stinky book, let alone bloom! 

There are eight stories in this collection of crap, and most of them are distinctly lacking in anything that resembles a plot.  Hot and steamy sex without the benefit of a plot is boring, especially if the characters are as crudely drawn as these.  I’ll have nightmares for days over the illustration on page 144, where the character reminds me of a praying mantis lying in wait for some unsuspecting bug to wander within striking distance.  If I had the energy, I would scan it and insert the image [here], but then it would befoul my hard drive and haunt me for the rest of my days.

Unless you are stuck on an uncharted island, or stranded on a remote mountain top with nothing else to read, avoid this waste of time. 

Grade: D

Rated for 18+