A Peek Inside Time For Kids Big Book of What?



Title: Time for Kids Big Book of What?


Publisher: Time



Did you know that herring communicate through farting? Yeah, neither did I, until I starting reading Time For Kids Big Book of What?  I love these Time books, because not only are they packed with huge, glossy photos, they are filled with interesting and obscure facts.  I will never forget that there is actually a fish that communicates by making a high-pitched buzzing sound that comes out of their butt.  I bet most kids who read this book won’t forget that, either!

The book is divided into chapters that cover topics that range from animals to food to sports.  It even offers up good advice, in the event that you encounter a bear during a neighborhood stroll or become lost while hiking.  I thought the Survival chapter needed to be longer, because, let’s face it, you never know when you will randomly run across a poisonous snake or get trapped outside during a blizzard.  And with these record-breaking high temperatures that we have been suffering with this summer, we all need to know about keeping hydrated, and what happens when we don’t consume enough liquids and do become dehydrated.

When I was a kid, I loved going to the library and conducting research.  I even pestered my parents to let me take an essay writing class when my brother was forced to because he didn’t like writing papers, and hated going to the library.  What better way to teach someone how to write a research paper than making them take a two week class during summer vacation?  He did not enjoy the experience, but I did.  This book is a more subtle way to get kids to learn some interesting facts, without the hassle of a library visit or the use of a card catalog.  Now, just so you don’t think that I’m only picking on the kids, I will take this book to work and share some of the more obscure facts with my co-workers.  Several of us start the day with a  trivia question, and this will be a fun addition to our daily ritual.

So – who would enjoy this book? Anyone who likes learning new things.  There is a great variety of topics, too, to make sure that everyone has something interesting to learn.

Rating – Fun!

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