Review: Cowboy Doctor by Rebecca Winters

May Contain Spoilers

This is the second book in Rebecca Winters Sapphire Mountains Cowboys that I’ve read.  I love the setting for this series, but I have the same problem I have with most Rebecca Winters’ books; the insta-love drives me nuts. I just don’t find it believable. It’s hard to trust someone with your heart after you’ve known them for a while, but after two days? Nope. I don’t buy it. However, Cowboy Doctor had enough other things going for it that I just accepted the insta-love and kept turning the pages.

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Review: The Fortune Teller by Gwendolyn Womack

May Contain Spoilers

When I was approached about reviewing this title, I was torn.  I am completely swamped with review books, and I was hesitant to add yet another commitment to my already full schedule. But I saw that part of the book takes place in my favorite time period, Ancient Egypt, and I couldn’t say no.  I’m glad I read the book. It was enjoyable, and I wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise, as it was nowhere on my radar. Read more

Review: Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

May Contain Spoilers

Review by Poo Penny

Wow. I read a few reviews, and knew this was a little…. dark, but I was not expecting such graphic detail! But would the book have been as good without it? I don’t know. I was engrossed in this story once the shock factor kicked in anyway.

The chapters that were the father’s POV were beautifully written. They were filled with so much emotion, it almost felt like I shouldn’t be reading them.

Can I admit to you that I am lonely?

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Review: Run to Ground by Katie Ruggle

May Contain Spoilers

Once I saw the cover for Run to Ground, I knew I had to read it.  I mean, look at that shepherd.  That happy K9, with his happy wolfish grin.  Viggy, sadly, was not quite so carefree in the story.  Both Viggy and his handler, Theo, are battling PTSD, and it puts them both in danger many times. I can’t understand why that sad, traumatized dog was expected to effectively do his job, when what he really needed, as well as Theo, was intense therapy.  It distressed me that both of them were suffering, and their department did not, or would not, see their compromised emotions.

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Review: Ultimate Courage by Piper J Drake

May Contain Spoilers

I was really enjoying this until the end, when Alex ditches Elisa in her moment of need. He knows that a crazy stalker is after her, and he abandons her without a concern for her well-being, after losing his sh$t when he hears a rumor about her. I thought that there was more trust and substance to their relationship by that time, that he knew and understood all of the awful things she was forced to do until she could make a break for freedom after escaping from her cruel, controlling fiancé. But, nope, he didn’t even give her the benefit of that doubt.

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Spotlight and Giveaway: Ultimate Courage by Piper J Drake




Retired Navy SEAL Alex Rojas is putting his life back together, one piece at a time. Being a single dad to his young daughter and working at Hope’s Crossing Kennels to help rehab a former guard dog, he struggles every day to control his PTSD. But when Elisa Hall shows up, on the run and way too cautious, she unleashes his every protective instinct.

Elisa’s past never stays in her rearview mirror for long, and she refuses to put anyone else in danger. But with Alex guarding her so fiercely yet looking at her so tenderly, she’s never felt safer . . . or more terrified that the secrets she keeps could put countless people in grave peril. The only way for both to fully escape their demons will take the ultimate act of courage: letting go and learning to trust each other.



Title: Ultimate Courage

Author: Piper J. Drake

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Spotlight and Giveaway: Man of Actin by Janie Crouch @TastyBookTours @janiecrouch

He was a man of action—especially when it came to
protecting his new undercover partner…

Omega Sector: Critical Response #4
Janie Crouch
Releasing June 21st, 2016
Harlequin Intrigue
He was a man of action—especially when it came to protecting his new undercover partner…

At nineteen, Andrea Gordon’s life was forever changed. After proving herself instrumental in a bank hostage crisis, she became one of Omega Sector’s top agents. Four years later, her skill at reading people is unrivaled—until she meets fellow profiler Brandon Han. Paired together to track a serial killer who has been targeting at-risk women, the two become entangled beyond the case. Their mutual attraction deepens as they get closer to the truth. But when Andrea’s own sordid past surfaces, they will both be forced to question everything about the assignment…and each other.
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