[PR] Viz Media Delivers Action and Suspense with Gangsta!



New Crime Thriller From The VIZ Signature Imprint Offers A High-Octane Mix Of Drama, Suspense And Comedy

San Francisco, CA, February 6, 2014 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, delivers a knockout punch with the launch of the explosive new manga (graphic novel) series – GANGSTA. – on February 18th.

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{ED Note – ZOMG! Will I finally get to read all of Deadman Wonderland, a rescued titled from shuttered Tokyopop??}

February 4, 2014


Readers Across A Range Of Digital Devices Won’t Want To Miss The Debut Of DEADMAN WONDERLAND And A New Full-Color Edition Of DRAGON BALL, And More

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PR: Viz Media Releases Omnibus Editions of High School Debut!

{ED. Note: This is one of my all-time favorite manga series, and now you can read it in new 3-in-1 editions!}



New Editions Of A Girl’s Endearing And Hilarious Quest For Love Will Include Side Stories Never Before Published In English

San Francisco, CA, February 3, 2014 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, has announced the release of a new 3-in-1 omnibus edition for the manga (graphic novel) series HIGH SCHOOL DEBUT on February 4th.

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Viz Media Gets in the Christmas Spirit with the Launch of Sweet Rein

{Editor’s Note: The guy is a reindeer.  Say what?!  Okay, I have to read this.}



A Girl Takes On The Role Of Santa Claus With A Cute Boy Who Also Happens To Be An Enchanted Reindeer In A New Magical Romance

San Francisco, CA, November 1, 2013 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor and licensor of manga & anime in North America, delivers a nod towards Christmas with the release of SWEET REIN Volume 1 on November 5th. The new manga (graphic novel) fantasy series by creator Sakura Tsukuba arrives from the Shojo Beat imprint in time for the start of holiday season, is rated ‘T’ for Teens, and will carry an MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN.

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Book Blast and Giveaway! Entangled Ever After New Releases!

I love the Ever After line, so I’m excited to share the latest releases with you.  I’ll try to have reviews, interviews, and more giveaways for most of these soon, so check back!

Find Your Ever After in Under An Hour

October is the official release month for the all new Ever After. Ever After features paranormal, sci-fi, and horror novellas, all with the romance you’ve come to love from Entangled–just in a shorter format.
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[PR] Viz Manga Titles Coming to a Kindle Near You!!

{Ed. I’m excited about this.  It’s so much easier to click the buy button on Amazon, compared to over at Viz.  One click, and there’s your manga.  How simple is that?  Probably too simple for my wallet!} 



The Largest And Most Diverse Digital Manga Collection, With More Than 1,500 Volumes Across 160 Series Is Now Available!

San Francisco, CA, October 1, 2013 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest publisher, distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, has announced the availability of its entire digital manga (graphic novel) catalog for Amazon Kindle devices, including Kindle Fire tablets and the new Kindle Paperwhite, beginning today. Users of the world’s best-selling e-reader now have instant access via the Kindle Store to an extensive digital library featuring over 1,500 manga volumes constituting more than 160 different series.

Volumes are available for purchase and immediate download in the U.S. and Canada from the Kindle Store for generally $6.99 (U.S. / CAN) each. New series as well as updates to numerous ongoing titles will be added each week. VIZ Media has also synchronized its digital publishing schedule so that future Kindle Store manga titles will have near-simultaneous domestic digital release that coincides with their print counterparts.

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[PR] Meet Ellen Hopkins in Ann Arbor September 25th!

Here’s your chance to see Ellen Hopkins live and in person!  She will be in Ann Arbor, MI on September 25th @ 6:00pm for an event at LITERATI BOOKSTORE (124 E Washington St, Ann Arbor).   Here is the info from Literati’s website, followed by a press release about her latest book SMOKE.  Anyone planning on going?

New York Times bestselling author Ellen Hopkins will be signing and reading from her new book, Smoke (Simon & Schuster). Ellen Hopkins is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Crank, Burned, Impulse, Glass, Identical, Tricks, Fallout, Perfect, Tilt, and Smoke, as well as the adult novels Triangles and Collateral.

Free. 6pm.  Location:  124 E. Washington St.  Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

SMOKE: A Novel

By Ellen Hopkins

Margaret K. McElderry Books/ S&S Children’s; September 10, 2013; $19.99


Two sisters concealing huge secrets set fire to their lies in order to rebuild their futures in the riveting sequel to the New York Times bestseller Burned….

For nearly a decade, #1 New York Times bestseller Ellen Hopkins has captivated readers and changed the lives of countless teens with her emotionally powerful storylines told in free verse that take a piercing and honest look at the serious issues facing today’s young adults. With 4.5 million copies of her books in print, Ellen Hopkins has undoubtedly established herself as one of the biggest stars in fiction. This September, she returns with SMOKE (Margaret K. McElderry Books; September 10, 2013; $19.99; hardcover), the highly anticipated sequel to her bestselling second novel Burned (2007).

In SMOKE, Hopkins continues the story of Pattyn von Stratten, one of eight children in a Mormon household who, along with her mother and sister Jackie, have suffered years of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse at the hands of her father. Trapped in tragic circumstances, Pattyn and Jackie cling to one another for support and a sense of normalcy, but when their father takes the abuse too far one evening and winds up dead, Pattyn is forced to flee. Jackie is left behind with their mother, who allows the truth of what happened that night to be covered up by the domineering leaders of their rigid Mormon community.

Although their father is gone, the dysfunction is not, as Jackie struggles to cope with her mother’s blatant disregard of her suffering and of the disappearance of her oldest child.  Alone and in disguise, Pattyn attempts to start a new life as a migrant worker on a California ranch. But is it possible to rebuild a life when everything you’ve known has burned to ash and lies seem far safer than the truth? 

“This book was a long time coming,” says Hopkins. “A sequel I never intended. But far too many of my readers needed closure to the story I told in Burned.” Told from the points of view of Pattyn and Jackie, SMOKE addresses questions of family and faith, domestic abuse, rape, identity, grief and loss, and the ability to love and be loved. It’s a riveting story that explores what it takes to rise from the ashes, put ghosts to rest, and step into the future.

In addition to the release of SMOKE, Hopkins has founded Ventana Sierra, a non-profit youth housing and resource initiative designed to help highly motivated young people build solid career paths toward a more positive future. Ventana Sierra’s mission is to provide necessary services that allow disadvantaged youth (17-25) to become productive citizens. “Over the years, I’ve had the occasion to meet young people who, because of whatever circumstances, wound up on the street,” says Hopkins. “Several were highly motivated, and wanted to finish high school and go on to college, but simply didn’t have the resources to accomplish this goal. I founded Ventana Sierra to help youth-in-need.” Ventana Sierra’s first house opened on June 1st, 2013 in Nevada and a second house is to follow before the end of the year. Their long-range goal is ten houses, five for young women and five for young men.

Ellen Hopkins is the #1 New York Times bestselling, award-winning author of eight young adult novels, including Crank, Glass, Fallout, Perfect, and Tilt, as well as the adult novels Triangles and Collateral. She lives with her family in Carson City, Nevada, where she has founded Ventana Sierra, a nonprofit youth housing and resource initiative. Be sure to visit her online at ellenhopkins.com; https://www.facebook.com/ellenhopkinsya; and twitter.com/ellenhopkinsYA

[PR] VIZ Media Announces Return of Ranma ½ To North America!

{ED – Ranma 1/2 is the series that got me hooked on anime and manga.  It was so different from anything that I had seen before, and I still love it.  It’s a fun show, so if you haven’t seen it, check it out!}



Legendary Martial Arts-Action-Adventure-Comedy Manga Created By Rumiko Takahashi Debuts In 2-in-1 Editions Spring 2014; Anime Launches Today On VIZAnime.com; Neon Alley, Blu-ray And DVD Debuts Coming Soon

San Francisco, CA, September 11, 2013 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, has announced the return of one of the genre’s most celebrated manga and anime properties – RANMA ½.

RANMA ½ is a renowned martial arts action-adventure manga (graphic novel) series created by Rumiko Takahashi. The manga series was a staple of the VIZ Media catalog for over 14 years and remains one of the company’s longest-running titles and one of the longest-running manga series in North America. VIZ Media plans to begin publishing the RANMA ½ manga series (rated ‘T+’ for Older Teens) in new 2-in-1 omnibus editions featuring the original right-to-left reading format for the first time ever in early 2014.

VIZ Media today also launches the smash-hit RANMA ½ (subtitled, rated TV-14) anime series on its VIZAnime.com streaming service as well as on Hulu. The series will debut on its Neon Alley anime channel this fall (dubbed), and will be available on DVD and, for the first time ever, Blu-ray box set editions next year.

To celebrate the return of RANMA ½, VIZ Media is planning a variety of booth activities and special programming scheduled for the 2013 New York Comic-Con, taking place October 10-13 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. More details will be announced shortly.

Ranma Saotome never thought a martial arts training mission to China would turn out like this! Due to an unfortunate accident at the cursed Chinese training ground Jusenkyo, when Ranma and his father get splashed with cold water, papa turns into a giant panda and male Ranma becomes a buxom young woman! Hot water reverses the effect, but only until the next time! Constantly chased by battle-happy martial artists and lovesick suitors of both sexes, what’s a half-boy, half-girl martial artist to do?

“A groundbreaking story with eccentric characters, martial arts mayhem, and quirky romantic subplots, RANMA ½ is a zany adventure that has thrilled generations of fans with its colorful mix of action, romance and screwball comedy,” says Leyla Aker, Vice President, Publishing. “We’re delighted to deliver this classic manga series to a new legion of North American fans this spring in 2-in-1 editions presented in right-to-left format for the first time.”

“RANMA ½ also introduced many influential artists to manga and anime fandom, and it remains a celebrated piece of the genre’s history,” adds Brian Ige, VIZ Media Vice President of Animation. “The addition of the anime series to our extensive digital catalog will present these acclaimed episodes in an entirely new way and allow fans to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility that VIZAnime and Neon Alley offer. Fans can also look forward to the hi-definition Blu-ray and DVD release this spring!”

Rumiko Takahashi is one of Japan’s most prolific and respected manga artists and is the creator of several long running series including MAISON IKKOKU, RANMA 1/2, and INUYASHA – all published in North America by VIZ Media. The spotlight on her prolific career began in 1978 when she won an honorable mention in Shogakukan’s annual New Comic Artist Contest for Those Selfish Aliens. Later that same year, her boy-meets-alien comedy series, Urusei Yatsura, was serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday. This phenomenally successful manga series was adapted into anime format and also spawned a TV series and half a dozen theatrical-release movies, all incredibly popular. Takahashi followed up the success of her debut series with one blockbuster hit after another— MAISON IKKOKU ran from 1980 to 1987, RANMA ½ from 1987 to 1996, and INUYASHA from 1996 to 2008. Other notable works include MERMAID SAGA, RUMIC THEATER, ONE-POUND GOSPEL, and RIN-NE (all also published in North America by VIZ Media).

For more information on Rumiko Takahashi titles by VIZ Media, please visit www.VIZ.com.

About VIZ Media, LLC

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, VIZ Media distributes, markets and licenses the best anime and manga titles direct from Japan. Owned by three of Japan’s largest manga and animation companies, Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Co., Ltd., VIZ Media has the most extensive library of anime and manga for English speaking audiences in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa. With its popular digital manga anthology WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP and blockbuster properties like NARUTO, BLEACH and INUYASHA, VIZ Media offers cutting-edge action, romance and family friendly properties for anime, manga, science fiction and fantasy fans of all ages. VIZ Media properties are available as graphic novels, DVDs, animated television series, feature films, downloadable and streaming video and a variety of consumer products. Learn more about VIZ Media, anime and manga at www.VIZ.com.