Review: Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh

May Contain Spoilers

I am trying to power through the last books in this series, so I’m ready for Silver Silence in June.  The library is not cooperating.  I think most of the other patrons are doing the same thing, based on the waiting lists!  I am still glad that I discovered the Psy-Changleing series so late, because it’s been fun grabbing a volume here and there, instead of having to wait a year between books for them to be published.  I won’t be saying that much longer, though.

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Mini Review: A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

May Contain Spoilers

Review by Poo Penny

BLEGH. If questionable consent is your thing, then you are really gonna like this book. I don’t get it, and I am ok with it. It was just too rapey for me. I like when there is a clash of wills, and the seduction is a little more intense, but not when the heroine is kind of a wuss. She had absolutely no spine. When she finally DID get a spine, I was wondering, why didn’t she kick the crap out of him a little more? She just bitch slapped him, and that was lame. So yeah, there is that. It makes no sense, because after this I read The Pawn, and I actually liked that story line a little more, but the heroine had a little bit of the same problem, being a total wuss.

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Review: How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days by Kerrelyn Sparks

May Contain Spoilers

I haven’t read Kerrelyn Sparks yet, so I was looking forward to giving How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days a shot.  Unfortunately, I was a bit underwhelmed. I found the book irritating at times, and the political structure made no sense.  And the Mad, Evil King – he was such a non-issue it was disappointing.  While he got his just rewards, it happened off-page, and justice was doled out by a secondary character. Disappointing!

Luciana is an orphan who lives on the Isle of Moon.  She and her fellow foundlings live a comfortable life in the convent.  The nuns earn money translating and selling books, which they are famous for, but Luciana and the other girls seem to have an idyllic life puttering around the beaches and playing fortune-telling games.  When a stranger appears, accompanied by a coffin, Luciana’s recent fortune-telling seems about to come true.

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Review: Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh

May Contain Spoilers

While I am still a huge fan of this series, I was not totally engaged in this installment. I just don’t find the Psy characters as interesting as the Changelings. I am partial to the wolves, but the cats are a favorite, too. Thankfully there were cameos from characters from previous books – it’s always fun catching up with them.

The Forgotten played a huge role here. I am warming up, gradually, to them. Their talents are more diverse and compelling than those of the pure blooded Psy. I can hardly wait until more of their abilities are put on display.

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Guest Post: NJ Walters, Author of Wolf in His Heart

This morning I have a guest post from N. J. Walters, author of the Salvation Pack series!

How did you come up with the idea for this story?

Sage Gallagher was first introduced in Wolf on a Mission, but he was still a teenager. I knew when I was writing that book that Sage, and his twin brother Reece, would need to have their own stories. There was no way I could let them go without knowing what happened to them. So Wolf in his Heart jumps forward a decade, allowing both of them to grow up and become the men they were meant to be. Sage is quiet and thoughtful. He is like a werewolf in all ways except for one major one—he can’t shift.

The idea for this story came from Sage and Rina themselves. I don’t know if most non-writers can understand, but the characters tell me their stories. Once I knew both of them and understood the unique challenges they were facing the story flowed from there.

Where do you find your inspiration?

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Guest Post: Fire Danger by Claire Davon

This morning I have a guest post from Clare Davon, author of Fire Danger.   Grab a cup of coffee and check it out!

The evolution of Fire Danger by Clare Davon

My recently released paranormal romance Fire Danger, the first in a projected five book series, started life about ten years ago. I’d had this idea for immortal-but-not-unkillable Elementals loosely tied to the four elements whose job it was to protect the human world from their Demonos counterparts. I wrote the first hundred pages in a fever, ideas flying out of my head and onto the paper.

Well. The project stalled when I hit a point that required a far deeper knowledge of world politics than I had. I had ideas about diamond mines and political maneuverings and…it just bogged down. I tried to slog through it, I even wrote around the sticky point and crafted the end (which has remained largely intact) but I couldn’t break through that wall. There were other reasons too, my vagueness around Challenge and what it actually meant chief among them and I wound up putting this book to the side. It was something I wanted to get back to but time went by as time is wont to do. It was always there in the back of my mind like a mantra “finish the Elementals. Finish the Elementals.”

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Spotlight: Born of Magic by Missy Jane

Born of Magic (Gargoyle Masters, Book 2) by Missy Jane

Date of Publication: July 12, 2016


Guarding the kingdom is child’s play compared to guarding their hearts.

Gargoyle Masters, Book 2

As his month-long guard duty comes to an end, Master Wynnston should be looking forward to well-deserved time away from the king’s castle. Instead, he feels strangely reluctant to leave. When Zephara of the Pastelle race arrives, he realizes why.

The stunning, silver-eyed ambassador is the woman his heart, body, and soul have been waiting for. She’s also a powerful wizard who will endure the test of the Twenty. Wynn has never been afraid to woo a strong woman, but winning and keeping Zephara’s love will test him to the limit.

Meanwhile, pure chance has finally led Master Kephas to find the runaway Princess Theodora. But before he can return the frightened, skittish beauty to her father, he must win her trust—and her heart.

Physical strength will do Wynn and Kephas no good as they face their challenges. And two women will search deep within themselves for the strength, courage—and tenderness—to bring two powerful men to their knees.

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