Review: Safe in the Tycoon’s Arms by Jennifer Faye


Safe in the Tycoon’s Arms is kind of an angsty read.  Single mom Kate is struggling to pay the medical expenses for her young daughter, who is suffering from a brain tumor.  Already in debt up to her ears, she’s finally found a surgeon willing to perform the operation that may save Molly’s life.  The only catch?  It’s an experimental procedure, and her insurance company won’t cover any of the costs.  Now Kate has to come up with a down payment for the hospital charges, or they won’t allow the doctor to perform the operation.  At least the guy is being decent enough to waive his fees….

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Novella Review: Crazy Stupid Sex by Maisey Yates


May Contain Spoilers


When I first started reading Crazy Stupid Sex, I was a bit apprehensive.  The beginning didn’t instill much confidence, and I felt I have read the same bar pickup scene five times already this year.  Once the action shifted  to an office setting, however, I was all over this read.  It’s sexy, fast-paced, and the hero redeemed himself enough for me to ignore the fact that he had been behaving like a spoiled sloth for the past 10 years, hopping for one hookup to the next, with no sense of connection or commitment at all.  I usually hate guys like that, but Maisey Yates does a good job ripping away his too-cool for school veneer, and I actually warmed up to Caleb by the end of the story.

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