Novella Review: One Night in Santiago by Audra North

One Night in Santiago (Entangled Flaunt)

May Contain Spoilers


I picked up One Night in Santiago for two reasons.  First, I enjoyed Audra North’s Falling for the CEO.  A lot.  Second, I have been reading a string of YA dystopian novels, and I needed a break.  Something light.  Something complete in one sitting.  Something with a happy I know without a doubt things are going to be awesome ending, because the last few books I read left me uncertain of the final outcome for the protagonists.

Lily is not having the time of her life.  She’s stranded in Santiago during a freak rain storm, leaving her desperate to find a hotel room for the night, as well as a seat on a plane out in the morning so she doesn’t miss her younger sister’s college graduation.  She is kicking herself for going on vacation in the first place.  This was supposed to be her honeymoon trip, but after catching her scumbag boyfriend doing the nasty with her best friend – on her bed – she’s a solo traveller.  Her sole motivation for going on the trip, besides purchasing non-refundable tickets, was to prove to everyone, especially herself, that she doesn’t need a self-esteem sucking jerk in her life.

Bruno is on a deadline, too.  He has to be home in California before the wine shipment arrives at the company’s warehouses.  As the new CEO of the family business, it’s critical that he be there to accept the shipment and make a speech for his employees.  When his flight is canceled, he never dreamed he’d be in a competition for only available hotel room.  After playing his trump card, however, he gives up the room to the beautiful stranger who has also had her travel plans disrupted.

I liked Bruno!  He actually cared about not looking and acting like a jerk.  When Lily offers to let him sleep on the sofa bed in her suite, he’s a bit taken aback that she would offer to share her room with a complete stranger.  He doesn’t hesitate to tell her she’s not being very prudent, offering to let him sleep in her room.  If one of his sisters had done that, he would have been furious.  I liked how both Bruno and Lily are so centered on their families. and how they allowed them to keep them grounded.  Lily is suffering from a lot guilt.  She’s beating herself up for missing her sister’s graduation, and she’s not willing to forgive herself for how she treated her mother when she warned Lily that her ex was a douche.  It’s kind of irritating that mom usually knows best, and Lily wasn’t ready to open her eyes and see the truth.

One Night in Santiago is steamy and romantic.  Who wouldn’t want to find the love of their life while wallowing in one of the most stressful, depressing times of their life?  As the sparks fly between Lily and Bruno, they both worry that they want more than one night together, but they are afraid of voicing their wants, fearful of scaring the other away.  I would like to read a longer work by this author.  I enjoy how the characters treat each other, with respect and care for their feelings. 

Grade:  B

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From Amazon:

Lily Stanton’s vacation goes from bad to worse when a storm strands her in a foreign country, arguing with an arrogant—and very sexy—stranger over the last available hotel room.

Successful CEO Bruno Komarov wasn’t expecting the gorgeous woman checking in at the reception desk to challenge him over a room. Even more surprising, he actually enjoys their exchange.

But when Lily proposes a compromise—she’ll take the bed and he can sleep on the couch—Bruno pushes his attraction aside and assures himself that this can remain strictly business. After all, they’re both adults capable of keeping their hands to themselves. They’ll share the room, get a good night’s sleep, and be off to their respective destinations in the morning.

What could possibly happen in just one night?