Gorgeous Carat #2 by You Higuri


Title:  Gorgeous Carat #2

Author: You Higuri

Publisher: BLU

Ray has to save Florian from the clutches of the evil Black Hand gang.  Though he has the real teddy bear in his possession,  Noel threw the jewels that were hidden in it into the river! Will they be able to trick the gang into believing they still have their treasure, so they can trade the bear for Florian?

Then, it’s off to Morocco!  Ray’s childhood friend, Azura, has asked for his help, the good thief rushes to his aid.  While strolling through the gardens of Azura’s estate, Florian sees his host meet with members of the Black Hand gang! Caught eavesdropping, Azura threatens to kill his friends if Florian breathes a word of what he overheard to Ray. 

The plot starts to get rather muddy at this point.  Florian is once again held captive, this time by Azura.  Forcing the poor boy to do all sorts of nasty things, Azura is determined to use him and kick him to the curb. This is all a part of his plan to destroy Ray, who is still under the impression that Azura is his bestest buddy.  So mislead is he, that he strikes Florian when he dares to voice his dislike of Azura, leading to another fit of Florian tears. 

After this volume, I have decided that this series is not for me.  While I enjoy You Higuri’s art, I find the plot rather tedious.  Both of our heroes need a seminar on communication skills, and Florian needs to grow a spine.  The story arcs aren’t very compelling, and the dialog isn’t holding my interest. 

Grade:  C-