Novella Review: Roman Holiday 2 Hitched by Ruthie Knox



Roman Holiday 2: Hitched: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

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This episode of Roman Holiday is a blast.  Ashley has convinced (tricked) Roman to help her evacuate with her things from the approaching hurricane.  What she neglects to tell him is that her “things” means the ancient Airstream trailer that her grandmother left for her.  She also fails to mention that her evacuation plans involve driving hundreds of miles to her friend’s house.  She is convinced that her friend can convince Roman that his plan to tear down the resort community is a terrible idea. Ashley is so fortunate that Roman is a man of his word, and that after learning he’s been played, he doesn’t just dump her and her beat up trailer on the side of the road.

I love the contrast between Ashley and Roman.  I don’t even think they are the same species.  Certainly to Roman, Ashley is sub-human.  When they stop for a bite to eat, he thinks she’s disgusting as she messily consumes her meal.  After that scene, I wonder how on earth he is going to fall in love with a creature he finds revolting. 

I am so curious to learn why Ashley’s grandmother kept her terminal illness from her, and why she sold the property that she promised to give to her.  It doesn’t make sense that she would do these things to hurt Ashley; I don’t believe that for an instant.  Even though Ashley is crushed by her grandmother’s behavior, there has to be a reason for her to have betrayed her like that.  She knew how much she meant to her, and she knew that Ashley considered the resort, derelict as it was, to be the only home she ever had.  I am dying to find out what her grandmother was thinking. 

Episode 2 is even better than the Episode 1; I didn’t stop reading until I hit the last page, and then I said – Give me MOAR!!

Grade:  B+

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Ruthie Knox’s eBook original serial, Roman Holiday, continues in Episode 2, as Ashley and Roman flee an oncoming hurricane by hitting the highway—only to encounter some outrageous bumps in the road.

Roman Díaz isn’t thrilled about being forced to evacuate Ashley Bowman from the Florida Keys—and that’s before he sees the decrepit Airstream trailer she wants to hook up to his shiny new Escalade. Ashley’s in way over her head, and the only way she knows to beat Roman is to get some help from a friend . . . in Georgia. She can put up with Roman’s fury at the unexpected detour, no problem. It’s the bizarre thrum of attraction between them that she could do without. And yet there’s something about being hitched to Roman that makes Ashley never want to let go.