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I’m not going to lie.  The main draw for me to want to read Open Flame was the cover.  I love the intensity, and was hopeful that the story would match the cover.  Does it?  While I enjoyed it quite a bit, the short length meant little character development and uneven pacing at times.  Still, this is a fun read, and I’d read more in the series without a second thought.

Madoc and his brothers are cursed.  They are dragons, trapped in the forms of men.  Each has control over an element, and Madoc’s is fire.  Fire is fickle, though, and his control is imperfect.  He can also stop time briefly, a power he is more comfortable with.  He and his brothers believe that until they each find their fated mate, they will remain cursed.  Finding their mate involves biting them and drinking their blood, and if the woman they bite isn’t destined to be them, she dies.  After losing women they loved because they didn’t survive the bite, Madoc is determined to create a clock that allows them to go back in time, so that if they bite a woman and she dies, they can rewind time just enough to go back and not bite them, thus saving their lives.

Madoc has only bitten once, and he is so afraid of killing again that he hasn’t bitten since.  but after meeting Fina, a clock maker’s daughter, he  can’t help himself.  He is compelled to bite her and drink her blood.  She isn’t amused.  She hates him and blames her family’s current misfortune on him.  When she starts breathing fire, she’s even more pissed at him.  How dare he cast this black magic on her and change her forever?  I could easily understand where her rage was coming from!

I wish this had been longer.  I really liked Madoc and how he wanted to save his brothers from the heartache of accidentally killing their lovers.  I liked Fina even more, and found it fascinating that after she transitioned, she’s stronger than Madoc.  I thought their relationship could have been more thoroughly explored, but with only about 120 pages to work with, there isn’t a lot of extraneous narrative.  There was just enough depth to the characters to keep me engaged and wishing that this was a longer read.

There are some story threads left dangling for the next book.  There is an evil being intent on destroying the dragons and stealing their power for himself.  I’m curious to see how that all pans out, because while he’s very villainous, he is also reacting out of a sense of betrayal.  There is some contention between the brothers, too, and I would like to see where that goes. 

Bottomline – Enjoyable read that suffers from it’s short length.  I found the paranormal elements interesting and unique, and want to learn more about Madoc and his brothers.

Grade: B 

About the book:

Open Flame

Dragon’s Fate Book 2


Lacy Danes

Genre: Paranormal romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Date of Publication: September 24th 2013

ISBN: 9781619217461


Number of pages: 118

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Samhain Publishing | Kindle | Kobo | Nook

Book Description:

Between hate and lust lies heaven, hell… and smoldering love.

Like his brothers, Madoc is a dragon born by blood magic. Unlike them, he has only once bitten a human in a near-hopeless quest to find his eternal mate. Watching that woman die nearly destroyed him.

Now he works to invent a watch that will rewind time. When he attends the Spectacle of Time in Paris, though, he finds a woman who shakes the foundation of his world and crumbles his ferocious control.

Ever since the black-haired man with the red crescent on his cheek ruined her family, Fina has hated him. When she runs into him in Paris, she is determined to show him just how much. Instead, overwhelmed by the desire to both kill him and bed him, her body betrays her and she melts in his arms.

Sparks fly, and—when his teeth sink into her skin—she ignites. But she can’t run far and fast enough to avoid the burning truth. She is now part of Madoc’s dangerous world?body, soul, and fire.

Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, time-shifting, distance-hopping, a super-hot dragon, and a woman who can take the heat.

Short Excerpt:

About the Author:

Lacy Danes made a New Year’s resolution to write a hot, historical romance. A year and a half later, she achieved her goal. She lives in Portland OR, where besides writing she enjoys horseback riding, gardening and savoring a great martini while watching the world go by.

Visit Lacy at her web site:


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