Feista Mexicana

Our first day here, we happened to find a new Mexican restaurant that had opened a couple of weeks ago.  Not being familiar with the area, we didn’t really know where else to go.  There don’t seem to be a lot of dining establishments by the hotel, and I want to eat at a chain.

The menu was rather extensive, and it took a bit to decide what to try.  Only two dishes were marked spicy, and both had shrimp.  I ended up going with Shrimp Diabla, because it sounded promising.  The waitress gasped and said, "That’s really spicy."  I just smiled at her and assured her I could handle it.

Mom ordered some chicken dish, and Dad ordered poblana peppers with beef.  We all thought it was stuffed, based on the menu description.  It wasn’t.  It was stewed in a pepper sauce.

The shrimp dish was very good, though not very spicy.  There was no choice between flour or corn tortillas, so I was stuck with flour.  I much prefer corn; they add a little more flavor to the dish.

The service was very good, and the waitress was patient with our questions.  Our orders were brought to the table correctly, and she checked on us frequently throughout the meal. 

I enjoyed the meal at Mexicana Fiesta.  The food was good, though Dad complained that his beef was tough.  The prices were reasonable, and the salsa that was served with the chips before the meal had a nice flavor.