World Championship Horse Show – Wednesday Night


This post has been edited to correctly report Along Came A Spider’s finish. 

Finally, we arrived at the State Fair!  We took the shuttle over, and after finding out where the barn area is located, I headed over to see if any of the horses were being worked.  I was in luck! There was one 5-gaited horse in the practice ring, but they were almost finished.  Boo.

Some of the tack stores have trailers set up for shopping opportunities, and I found some cute, totally geek shirts to spend my money on.  I also purchased the mondo huge show book, which is spiral bound and weighs about 5 pounds.  I bought one for Kim, too, since she can’t be here and begged me to pick one up for her.  That was 10 additional pounds that I had to drag around all night!

We headed, slowly (we do everything slowly!!) to our seats, and waited for the show to begin.  The first class as a HUGE 5-gaited mare class.  I can’t believe how many entries were in each class!  There were 19 in the first class, and that was about the norm all night.  There were 11 hackey ponies!  At most of the shows I have been to, there are, at most, 3.  It was really fun seeing all the ponies, though 2 had to be excused.  The fine harness class had about 10 entries.  Some of the classes were split because there were so many competing.

It was really exciting seeing some of the horses in person that I have been reading about in magazines.  Along Came A Spider was here, and what a beautiful mare she is!  She finished 1st in her class.  The quality of horses here is incredible.  Jenny Taylor was in 2 classes, including a 4th place finish on Beringer Red.  Until this show, I had never seen a horse as lovely as he is.  After seeing the other horses in last night’s performance, he doesn’t look quite so special.  I can hardly wait for the championships!