Review: Everything You Need to Know by HelenKay Dimon


Title: Everything You Need To Know

Author: HelenKay Dimon


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:


From the award winning author of romance and romantic suspense, HelenKay Dimon comes a sizzling new story from Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin.

Jordan McAdam rates men on her anonymous Need To Know website. Everything from the quickness with which they pick up a dinner check, to their playbook for getting a woman naked. Enter Forest Redder. He’s convinced Jordan burned his friend so he flirts with her, intending to learn the truth. But Jordan plans to date Forest to gather the dirt on him! Oh, how the best laid plans can be ruined by sex…and love.


Everything You Need To Know is the second title I’ve read under the Cosmo Red-Hot Reads imprint.  The first one, Fearless, wasn’t my cup of tea, and I couldn’t relate to heroine.  This one, though, was a complete success.  I loved Jordan, I loved her attitude, and I admired her courage.  She didn’t back down from a challenge, and after losing her job at a law firm shortly after purchasing a condo, she was determined to make her website, Need To Know, a financial powerhouse.  Since I’m a blogger, I immediately felt that I understood Jordan, and was even envious that her website was actually making some money!  Maybe one day mine will, too.

Jordan’s website is subscription based, and it rates men in the DC area.  Wondering if it’s worth chasing up that hottie from the PR department?  Just login to Need To Know, check the database, and see if he’s a complete scumbag.  I loved the concept of this, and it gave Jordan a believable excuse to be bouncing around from one temp job to another.  That was the perfect way to get some hands on research and stay anonymous at the same time.  Things are going smoothly and according to plan, right up until she meets Forest Redder.  He is everything in a man that she’s been avoiding after her spectacularly ugly breakup with her previous boyfriend. 

The sparks flew from the moment that they met, and I was immediately engrossed in Jordan’s efforts to steer clear of the handsome businessman, while he was even more determined to get to know her  better.  The chemistry blazed between them, and as Jordan was swept off her feet, she was desperate to keep her involvement with the website a secret.  It’s harder than she expected, especially when one  of Forest’s former business partners is convinced that Forest is feeding derogatory info to the website, and threatens to sue everyone involved.  Yikes!  Poor Jordan’s guilty conscience took a beating after that!

Both Jordan and Forest have ghosts from their childhoods to taint their expectations of relationships, and reading along as they worked through their hang-ups made this a page turner.  It is novella length, so it won’t take you long to power through the book; it’s the perfect read to load on your smartphone to read on the go, and it will make those waits in  the checkout line fly by. 

Grade:  B+

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