Review: Femme Fatale by Cindy Dees


Title:  Femme Fatale

Author:  Cindy Dees


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:


Former teen star Olivia Harper has a problem. If she can’t shake her girl-next-door image and become the femme fatale her latest role requires, her career will flop. But with her squeaky-clean image, Liv’s hardly been kissed, let alone had her world rocked between the sheets. There’s no way she’ll ask her playboy co-star for pointers, so she turns to the sexy new military consultant for some discreet…guidance.

Major Blake Ramsey is stuck hiding out babysitting actors who can’t even lace their combat boots, until his boss can deal with the fallout from his last mission. When Liv propositions him, he can’t decide whether she’s the naïve girl she claims to be or a bombshell looking for another conquest.

But as the lessons heat up, Blake and Olivia catch the eye of the papparazzi and jeopardize both their lives..


Femme Fatale didn’t work for me, and it left me extremely disappointed and irritated.  When it started out , I thought it was going to be just my cup of tea.  Olivia is a former teen star, and she’s trying to make that difficult move from adolescent entertainer to a big box office draw.  She’s put her fate into the hands of a savvy agent and a hot director, so she’s confident that her star will rise yet again.  The only problem? She has to leave behind her clean girl next door image and become a femme fatale.  She needs to learn how to make men stop in their tracks and drool with desire, while convincingly blasting herself out of one death defying adventure after another.  When she sees Major Blake Ramsey, the demolitions expert for the movie, she makes up her mind; he’s going to teach her how to break free of her squeaky clean image.

The set up was fun, and I was enjoying the book until a few pet peeves raised their heads. The first, and I’m sure this will rock your reading world differently than mine, is the lack of condom usage.  Olivia has just met Blake.  She’s known him for all of a few days, and when they are about to fall into the sack together, she stops him for using a condom.  WHAT?  She is trying to break into the big time, here, not get pregnant or some STD.  I don’t care whether or not they both claim to be “clean;” a smart, intelligent woman like Olivia doesn’t take any chances with her health.  Period.  This is something that will, and did, ruin a read for me.  There is nothing wrong with taking control of your sexual health, and the fact that Olivia choose not to was an epic failure for me.

The story started rocking on again after a few chapters, when too many plot devices where tossed into the mix and left me shaking my head.  Spies?  Yes, Blake is hiding from Russian spies, and he’s supposed to be keeping a low profile after a sex scandal with a Russian spy got him into quite a bit of trouble.  So what’s his idea of keeping a low profile?  He starts dating a movie star.  His picture is every where.  On blogs, in the paper – everywhere!  Like the lack of condom use, Blake cavalierly disregarded his safety and showed a sad lack of spy skills by allowing himself to get caught up in Olivia’s off-screen drama.  Add in the fact that Olivia was running around the movie set trying to save him from Russian spies by letting everyone know that he was a spy and – it didn’t make much sense to me.  I won’t even start on about the attempted sexual assault by her co-star, while they were filming, because it just illustrated how clueless all of her co-workers were. Sigh. 

While Femme Fatale didn’t work for me, I did enjoy the book when it was just about Olivia and Blake, so I’m curious to give the next book in the series a try.

Grade:  C/C-

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