Interview with Marissa Burt, Author of Story’s End

Marissa Burt is making another visit to the virtual offices, this time to discuss Story’s End, which hits store shelves next week.  I loved Storybound, and have been waiting impatiently for Story’s End.  I thought it would be fun to ask Marissa a few more questions while I wait for Story’s End’s release, and she gracefully agreed. 

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Can you tell us a little about Story’s End?

[Marissa Burt] Story’s End picks up at Storybound’s cliffhanger ending, where Una and her friends now know the truth of Story’s backstory and must determine what they will do in light of that knowledge.  Story’s End is a bit darker, because everything is cast in the light of the Tale Master’s lies.  We don’t spend any time in Perrault classes.  Instead, each character must do their part to save story from the threat of enemies.  I’m so eager for readers to meet a few new characters, journey to different districts, and discover more about Una, Snow, Peter, Sam, and Indy!

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Was this a more difficult book to write than Storybound?

[Marissa Burt] This is a great question.  Creatively, it was a more straight-forward book to write, since I had a stronger grasp of the direction of the story.  Storybound was very much a patchwork affair, where I wrote different scenes as they came to me, and then I pieced them all together like a puzzle.  In that sense, Story’s End had much more of an outline ad internal structure, which was easier than Storybound.  But there were also more internal rules. I had to make sure new plot points, settings, and characters fit in with the already established rules of the world.  Writing-wise, it’s probably a tie: both books had their specific challenges and joys.  The real tie-breaker is the fact that when I wrote Storybound, I had one child.  By the time I was drafting Story’s End, I had two more babies.  I can now say with some authority that writing a novel while tending three children under the age of four is not advisable – haha!

[Manga Maniac Cafe] How did you feel when you submitted your final revisions for Story’s End?

[Marissa Burt] It was a delightful feeling!  Not only was I so pleased with the end result, but finishing a second book shored up some of those insecurities that plague writers and ask: Can you really do it again?  I was also a bit sad to say goodbye to my friends in Story.  We’ve spent many hours together, and it’s hard to imagine their tale coming to an end.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What has been the biggest change in your life now that you are a published author?

[Marissa Burt] I suppose the biggest change is that I am more diligent to make space for writing.  Before, I approached it more like a hobby and wrote "when I felt like it."  Now, I’m learning to grow the discipline of writing regularly.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] How did Una change from when we first met her in Storybound?

[Marissa Burt] I love this question!  I have such a soft-spot for Una.  She doesn’t even know how courageous she is. The opening line of Storybound is: Una often imagined she was invisible.  She is unseen, unnoticed, adrift, and lonely.  Her adventures in Story give her a rootedness in her own identity, so that by the end of the Tale, we see she has a sense of belonging.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] If Peter had a theme song, what would it be?

[Marissa Burt] Haha!  I think Peter would be heavily influenced by Sam, who would no doubt suggest, "The Eye of the Tiger."  I get the impression Peter would never ‘fess up to having a theme song.  I have a feeling he’d secretly listen to country music – or maybe Taylor Swift? – and then fervently deny it.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Name one thing Una is never without.

[Marissa Burt] Hmmm… Una journeys quite a bit in Book 2, and she travels light, so I’m not sure there’s any article she’s never without.  I suppose she is never without a sense of confidence.  I love that when she decides to do something, even if she thinks it might be dangerous, she just goes for it!

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What is Una’s greatest regret?

[Marissa Burt] I’ll have to dance around this one a bit, because it’s spoilerish, but her biggest regret has to do with her choices that expose to Story to threats from an enemy.  This happens some in Storybound but also in Story’s End.  

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What is the last book that you read that knocked your socks off?

[Marissa Burt] Just yesterday I finished re-reading C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra.  It’s always been my least favorite in his space trilogy, but, for some reason, this time through I fell in love with it.  

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Can you tell us about your next project?

[Marissa Burt] I’m just beginning a new fantasy tentatively titled THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN.  It follows a girl named Wren whose interest in Astronomy leads her to discover that she can wield the magic of stardust. On her adventure, she and her friend Simon, discover that the fate of the world rests on their ability to unravel the secrets hidden in Mother Goose Rhymes.  I’m having fun building a new fantasy-world that has a tinge of scifi to it.  As of now, the plan is for There Was a Crooked Man to be out from HarperChildren’s in 2014, with a sequel to follow in 2015.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] How can readers connect with you?

[Marissa Burt] I love to hear from readers!  They may find me on twitter, facebook, goodreads, or through my website

[Manga Maniac Café] Thank you!

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About the book:

Inkheart meets The Neverending Story in the sweeping sequel to Storybound. A deadly Enemy has returned to the magical land of Story—and twelve-year-old Una Fairchild may hold the key to defeating him.

Long ago, a King ruled the land of Story….During his reign, Heroes, Villains, and characters of all kinds lived out Tales filled with daring quests and epic struggles. Then the King disappeared, and over the years nearly everyone forgot that he had ever existed.

Now an evil Enemy has emerged, determined to write a new future for Story. And an ordinary girl from our world named Una Fairchild must find a way to defeat him.

Una and her friends Indy and Peter set off on a quest for answers, facing warlocks, beasts, and enchantments at every turn. But Una soon discovers that the real key lies in her own mysterious ties to Story’s past—and to the long-forgotten King who may be their only hope for survival.

Storybound has been praised by Kirkus Reviews for its “richly imagined world” and by Publishers Weekly as “an appealing fantasy with strong writing and interesting characters.” Story’s End is filled with the same breathtaking action, heartwarming friendship, and timeless appeal. Readers will leap at the chance to return to this captivating fairy-tale world, which is perfect for fans of Inkheart, Gail Carson Levine, and classics like A Wrinkle in Time.

About the Author:

About the author: Marissa Burt was forever getting notes sent home from teachers about reading novels during class. She grew up in Oregon, and drifted eastward through Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, and South Carolina before coming back to the Pacific Northwest. She now lives in the Seattle area with her husband and three sons. You can visit Marissa online at