Gorgeous Carat #1 by You Higuri Review

 Gorgeous Carat 1.jpg

Title: Gorgeous Carat #1

Author: You Higuri

Publisher: Blu 

Florian Rochefort, the son of an impoverished noble family, is "sold" to Ray Balzac Courland in exchange for paying off the family debts.  Ray is actually Noir, a mysterious jewel thief who has designs on the Rochefort treasure, the Flame of Mughal, a 120 carat diamond.  He also has designs on poor Florian!

When Florian learns that his family home has burned to the ground, and his mother has been murdered, he’s determined to discover the identity of the murderer.  He confides to his uncle the location of the Flame of Moghal, only to learn that it was his uncle who was behind the attack on his mother.   Will he be able to escape from his uncle’s evil clutches??  Of course not!  That’s why Ray’s in the book!

I didn’t think I was going to like this book when Ray continually spoke about whipping Florian, and then proceeded to do it.  Yuck!  Thankfully the tone of book shifted, and it became more of an action adventure tale than a sick S&M yaoi story.  The emphasis of the chapters were on locating jewels, with Ray’s fascination for pretty boy Florian forming the back story.  This was nothing earthshaking, and Florian was a bit of a baby, but overall it wasn’t a bad read.  Not destined for the keeper shelf, but entertaining enough to pick up the next volume.

Grade:  B