Interview with Imogen Rose, Author of Initiation

Imogen Rose is the author of several YA paranormal novels, including the Portal Chronicles.  In her latest release, Initiation,  she revisits the mysterious and dangerous world of her Bonfire Academy.  Imogen stopped by the virtual offices to discuss her new book.

[Manga Manga Café] Describe yourself in 140 characters or less.

[Imogen Rose] I asked my daughter, and she said, “Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome.” Who am I to argue? Seriously, though… Mom, multi-tasker, lover of good wine, food, and hot guys. A fan of YA TV, movies, and books.

[Manga Manga Café] Can you tell us a little about Initiation?

[Imogen Rose] Initiation is the prequel to Faustine (Bonfire Chronicles Book One). After Faustine was published, many of my readers wondered about her early years at the Academy, and also about her suddenly close relationship with Ryker. So Initiation takes us back to her first year at the Academy, and we get to experience her year through the eyes of Cordelia, her mentor. The Academy is home to all kinds of paranormals, not restrained by human morals—which I know is a bit hard to accept for some—so we get a look into their world from this angle.

[Manga Manga Café] How did you come up with the concept and the characters for the story?

[Imogen Rose] They were born from the rawest aspects of my imagination. 🙂

[Manga Manga Café] What was the most challenging aspect of writing the story?

[Imogen Rose] The writing itself comes easy. Getting it ready for publication—editing, etc.—is the more challenging part.

[Manga Manga Café] What three words best describe Cordelia?

[Imogen Rose] Raw, loyal, irresistible.

[Manga Manga Café] What are three things Cordelia would never have in her room?

[Imogen Rose] Melon (she hates the smell), salt (dampens her senses), and moonshine (my friend Anne-Marie tried to get her into this, and it ended badly).

[Manga Manga Café] What are your greatest creative influences?

[Imogen Rose] My daughter, Lauren. She always needs me to tell her stories!

[Manga Manga Café] What three things do you need in order to write?

[Imogen Rose] My MacAir and my two index fingers.

[Manga Manga Café] If you had to pick one book that turned you on to reading, which would it be?

[Imogen Rose] Mallory Towers, by Enid Blyton.

[Manga Manga Café] What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

[Imogen Rose] Shop, travel, watch movies, read, play with my dog, but mostly hang out with my daughter at her various activities.

[Manga Manga Café] How can readers connect with you?

[Imogen Rose] I am really easy to reach. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, and always available through email.

[Manga Manga Café] Thanks!

You can learn more about Imogen by visiting her website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Initiation is available now! It’s available in print and digital, and you can order a copy from your favorite bookseller, or by clicking the widget below.

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