Entangled Publishing Adds New Paranormal Category Line

Entangled Publishing announced Covet, their new paranormal category line on their blog today.  The line is expected to launch August 2012, and you can read about it here.  They are looking for the following:

We’re seeking paranormal stories with fresh voices, between 60 and 70K words in length. Stories need a romantic trope and an alpha hero at their core, with paranormal elements woven into the storyline. For example, a story could have the best friends to lovers trope and the best friend happens to be a vampire. The paranormal element is secondary to the trope and shouldn’t eclipse their growing relationship.

Check out the blog post here for all of the details about the Covet line, and for submission guidelines. 

What do you think about Entangled’s announcement? Are you excited about the Covet line?  If you are an aspiring writer, would you consider submitting to them?