Guest Post–Word Associations with Julie Chibbaro, Author of Deadly



Julie Chibbaro is the author of Deadly, an engrossing medical thriller with a likeable protagonist who wants to do something noble with her life.  After reading the book, I will never think about bacteria the same way!  Julie dropped by the virtual offices to share some word associations with us.

Hi, Julie, can you share the first thing that comes to mind for each word/phrase?

Hell in a hand basket – America

Corset – suffocation

Porridge – dreadful

Quill – poison pen

Penny for your thoughts – I could get more for them

Canopy – sweet protection

Insect – fried or chocolate covered?

Butter – on warm rye bread

Twilight – pearly sky

Cotton – slavery

Lilies – French flower

Exhaustion – yes, I have!

Library – life blood

Slipper – red velvet

Thank you!

You can learn more about Julie by visiting her website

Deadly is available now!  You can order it in paperback or digital format by clicking the widget below.