Review: Stepping on Roses Vol 6 by Rinko Ueda


Title: Stepping on Roses Vol 6

Author: Rinko Ueda

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 978-1421539768


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

Poor Sumi Kitamura… Her irresponsible older brother Eisuke keeps bringing home orphans for her to take care of even though they can barely afford their own basic needs! Just when Sumi’s financial problems become dire, wealthy Soichiro Ashida enters her life with a bizarre proposition: he’ll provide her with the money she so desperately needs if she agrees to marry him. But can Sumi fool high society into thinking she’s a proper lady? Moreover, is it worth giving up everything for this sham of a marriage?

Pronouncing Sumi and Soichiro’s marriage superficial, Nozomu becomes even more dogged in his quest to make Sumi his. As Nozomu teams up with Natsuki to bring Soichiro down, Soichiro finds his carefully arranged life unraveling before his very eyes…


I love this series!  So much drama! So much angst!  So many people plotting against Sumi and Soichiro!  Trouble follows them like a cat follows mice.  Even worse, it seems as though the people carefully planning their downfall are so much crafter than they are!  It’s like they don’t have a chance, and that has me even more engrossed in the impending disaster.  Soichiro is too focused on himself to steer clear of trouble, and he doesn’t really have any allies left in his corner to watch his back.  Pissing off Komai was an incredibly short-sighted thing for him to do, but Soichiro hasn’t been known to actually think things through.  Nozomu, on the other hand – he’s got the chessboard memorized and has even figured out what moves Soichiro is going to make long before his former friend has even touched the game pieces.  With Kujo in  his corner, it looks like he will be unbeatable.  Mix in Komai, and oh my!  Soichiro is in for a rough time!

Sumi can’t help that she’s utterly clueless.  She’s been thrown into the lion’s den, and she has no idea that she’s about to be an amusing toy for the men who are out to get her husband.  Sumi takes everyone at face value, and can’t see the deceit that is roiling around her.  Her brother isn’t helping matters, either.  With his weakness for gambling and his humble background, he is ripe for the plots that have been set in motion to implicate him in crimes that he will not be able to defend himself against.  Worse, still – he’s dragging Sumi down with him, by taking advantage of her soft heart, and her inability to read isn’t helping matters.  With Komai’s angry words still ringing in her ears, Sumi is also dealing with a lot of guilt for events that really aren’t her fault.  Now, when it looked like things were going to finally fall into place for her, everything is unraveling before her eyes.  Gah!  Poor Sumi!

I love how readable Rinko Ueda’s stories are.  Once I pick up a new volume of her manga, I can’t put it down.  I am held captive until the end of the book, and then I gnash my teeth because I have to wait for the next installment of the series.  Her artwork is so expressive, too, that I can’t help but get caught up in the emotions playing out across the pages. 

Highly Recommended

Grade: A

Review copy purchased from Rightstuf

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