Guest Post–E Van Lowe on Writing a Series and Giveaway!

E Van Lowe, author of the Falling Angels Saga, dropped in to discuss writing a series.  After the guest post, check out the fantastic giveaways!

Writing A Series by E Van Lowe

Writing the Falling Angels Saga is new ground for me because I have never written a series before. When I worked in day-to-day television (The Cosby Show, Even Stevens, Knight Rider) my job was to write episodes of all sorts of TV series. I did this my entire career, yet as an author I had only written one-offs.

Boyfriend From Hell started out as a one-off, but as I learned more about the fans of the genre, I realized I needed to write a series. As you all probably know, fans love series. Just like in TV series where we enjoyed coming back to Lost each week to see what happened next, fans of book series like forming an ongoing relationship with the author’s characters.

I wasn’t contemplating a series when I began doing my research on angels for Boyfriend From Hell. Yet before long I had all these characters in my head, and all these different storylines. Without realizing it, I had created a series.

One of the joys in writing a series is seeing what happens next. Series allows authors to delve deeper into characters and to watch them change and grow before our eyes. Just like real life. That definitely happened with Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel. Megan is pretty self-centered at the beginning of Boyfriend From Hell. By the end, however, she’s grown into a pretty terrific heroine. In Earth Angel we get to see a more grown up Megan deal with a new set of problems.

Writing a series is exciting for me, and I hope reading Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel will be exciting for you. I’ve already outlined the third book in the series. It’s a doozie.

You can check out both books on my website There’s even a free sample of Boyfriend From Hell on the home page so you can try it before you but it. While you’re there please click on the buttons to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook Fan Page.

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