An Early Look at Sports Illustrated Kids 1st and 10



Title: Sports Illustrated Kids 1st and 10: Top 10 Lists of Everything in Football

Publisher: Sports Illustrated

ISBN: 978-1603202107



From Amazon:

Get everything you ever wanted to know about America’s most popular sport in 1st and 10. Presented in the format of Top 10 lists, this book is a comprehensive yet fun look at the greatest aspects of the game. From the top Super Bowl moments to the best-looking uniforms, SI Kids ranks 50 different topics from the gridiron. Readers are guaranteed to love the big, exciting action photos from the Sports Illustrated collection and the insider knowledge of SI Kids. Filled with trivia and information, this dynamic book will be the definitive kids book on football.

My thoughts:

This isn’t a review, as much as it’s a brief tour through this handsomely produced photo book about football.  While I am not a die-hard football fan, I do possess more than a passing interest in the game.  I was dismayed to see my hometown team, the Lions, at the #1 rank for the biggest losers list, but I certainly can’t dispute that they have delivered more than their share of disappointment to Detroit.  So, being a fair weather fan, I usually root for the Buffalo Bills or Denver Broncos.  Why? They have the coolest uniforms, in my humble opinion.

If you have a young football fan at home, this book should tickle their funny bone.  It is packed full of bright, colorful photographs, with intense action shots on almost every page.  The page layouts are visually appealing, with eye-catching bursts of color from the pictures contrasting with cleverly placed text and white spaces to lend more drama to the action taking place on the pages.

Interested in knowing who are the smallest of the NFL players?  How about the biggest?  Who makes up the best Passer-Receiver Duo?  All of that information, and more, is jammed into this book.  Some of my favorite lists, though, have nothing to do with the game, but instead have everything to do with the vivid personalities that make up the game.  Most memorable hairstyle?  Best accessories?  Most colorful personalities?  You will also find all of those and more in this book.

1st and 10 will appeal to football fans, and even if you aren’t totally enamored with the game, you won’t be able to stop yourself from flipping through this book.  The included trivia is interesting, and covers so many topics that even the most casual of fans will find something to catch their attention.

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In stores October 25, 2011