Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books I Read Because Of Another Blogger

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This week’s Top Ten: Top Ten Books I Read Because Of Another Blogger (In honor of BBAW!)

Sadly, I can’t remember which blogs I discovered most of these book from, but I would have skipped all of them if I hadn’t read a blog post about them!

The Enemy by Charlie Higson – Wait! It has zombies! I hate zombies!! Oh, wait, maybe I was bit hasty…

Unlocked by Courtney Milan – Recommended on Dear Author –Wait!  I don’t like novellas.  They are too short!  There is never much of a plot!  Oh, wait.  Maybe I was too hasty.

The Man She Loves To Hate by Kelly Hunter – Recommended on Dear Author – Wait!  The blurb on the back cover does nothing for me!  Oh, wait.  This is a pretty good book after all.

Dark Life by Kat Falls – Wait! Why haven’t I heard of this one yet? I love the premise for this!  I am sure this is a book I will love!  Guess what? It was!

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver – Wait! The premise does not look interesting at all!  Oh, wait.  Wait! This is one of the best YA novels I have read – EVAR!

Heist Society by Ally Carter –Wait!  This looks ridiculous!  Teen-aged art thieves!  Yeah, right! Oh, wait.  They are pretty awesome, aren’t they?

Matched by Ally Condie – Wait!  This does not look interesting at all!  Oh, wait.  Duh-huh.  How could I have been wrong again!?

Rampant by Diana Peterfreund – Wait!  Killer unicorns?!  That sounds stupid! Oh, wait.  Maybe not so stupid after all?

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins – Wait! I am so sick of magical boarding schools!  They are all the same!!  Oh, wait.  Maybe this magical boarding school is not quite the same as the others?

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan – Wait!  This has zombies!  See the beginning of this post!  Zombies are scary and I HATE them!!  Oh, wait.  Maybe I like them more than I thought?

So there you have it.  I would have missed out on all of these wonderful reads if it wasn’t for other book bloggers!  Thanks for helping me find some incredible books!

How about you? What are your Top Ten books that you read because of another blogger?

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