Review: Elliot and the Pixie Plot by Jennifer A. Nielsen and Skype Call Giveaway!


Title: Elliot and the Pixie Plot

Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen

Publisher: Sourcebooks

ISBN: 978-1402240201


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

Elliot, King of the Brownies, isn’t usually a stubborn kid, but he didn’t see a lot of room to bargain on the issue of Goblins eating his subjects. Which is how he wound up alone in the Underworld, with no map either home or ahead to Demon Territory. Between trying to steal a hair for the Pixie Princess and a sock for the Fairies from a demon, being King of the Brownies is no easy job!


My second adventure with Elliot was more enjoyable than the first. In Elliot and the Pixie Plot, the young protagonist is already the king of the Brownies, and he is much savvier in his dealings with the supernatural beings pestering him.  Not much gets him worked up, and when it does, he has learned that it’s best to keep his reservations, not to mention fear, to himself.  Evil creatures like nothing better than to hold your fear over your head as they attempt to scare you to death.  A lifetime of being bullied by Tubs proves to be good training for Elliot’s dealings with the Underworld, and it’s given him the courage to deal with whatever awful things they throw at him.

This time around, he is kidnapped by the Pixie princess, because she wants him to free Grissel from the Brownie jail Elliot has sentenced him to.  Elliot refuses to bow under Fidget’s Pixie pressure, though, because Grissel hasn’t learned anything from his poor behavior, and he has yet to show any remorse for his role in the Goblin War.  In fact, Elliot knows that as soon as Grissel is freed, he will renew the Goblin aggression against his subjects, and he doesn’t want to see any of his friends get eaten.  He won’t budge from his position, either;  Grissel must promise to never eat another Brownie, or he can sit in jail for a good, long time.

One thing that I love about Elliot is how brave he is.  Even when he is in a scary, death-defying situation, he never backs down.  Better yet, he always thinks of creative ways to get out of whatever pickle he’s gotten himself in.  That’s what makes these books so much fun.  Elliot is an ordinary kid in extraordinary circumstances, but he never lets the craziness taking place around him distract him.  This is a funny, breezy summer must read.

Grade: A-

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Sourcebooks helped me explain this fantastic contest –

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