Review: Jack Frost Vol 5 by JinHo Ko


Title: Jack Frost Vol 5

Author: JinHo Ko

Publisher: Yen Press

ISBN: 978-0316126755

Recommended for Older Teens


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

With his friends in danger, Hansen puts memories of the past behind him and squares off against his brother. Though long-dead, Der Freischütz is still a gunman to be reckoned with, but Hansen has a secret weapon in store that could turn the tables on the deadly sharpshooter. As Hansen delivers his final blow, Jack decides he’s had enough of sitting on the sidelines and does what Jack Frost does best. But victory is short-lived as the head of the East District moves his final pawns into place! What does the mastermind behind this attack have in store?


Gosh, I’m embarrassed to admit this, but some volumes of Jack Frost go right over my head.  Only the frenzied battle scenes manage to save the read for me.  If there are lots of explosions, impossibly large firearms, bullets, and blood spattering in every direction, my baser instincts emerge and can’t help but keep turning pages at a rapid rate.  It’s like driving by an accident scene; you know you shouldn’t be gawking, but you can’t help sneaking a peek as you drive by.  I consider this to be one of my worst reading weaknesses.  As long as there is a lot of action, I can usually get caught up in pretty much any series.

Which leads to my disappointment with this volume of the weird and occasionally grotesque Jack Frost.  While there is some fighting, with the requisite gunfire, bodies, and imploding buildings, the action sequences are just not as compelling as in previous outings with the demonic Jack.  He doesn’t really get to do much here.  He’s a supporting player in Hansen’s battle with his brother.  Jack does make a few cryptic remarks about the Tailor and the Mirror Image, but his comments are more of a tease than the exchange of any real information.  Boo.

Ethan from the East District makes his big move and attempts to blackmail Noh-A into joining his side.  He does a good job of it, but the whole storyline there is predictable and not very compelling, and that’s my problem with this volume.  I didn’t get caught up in the activity playing out across the panels, which made me not care who won and who lost.  I didn’t feel any emotional connection with any of the characters this time around, unlike in earlier volumes where the characters’ backstories engaged me in the read.  This time, there are just too many characters cycling throughout the volume that I found myself getting more and more detached from their individual plotlines.

Though this volume of Jack Frost left me underwhelmed, I’m still invested enough in the series to wonder what’s going to happen next.  I am hoping that this installment is the lull before an upcoming storm of epic Jack fighting.

Grade: C+

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