Review: Stepping on Roses Vol 4 by Rinko Ueda


Title: Stepping on Roses Vol 4

Author: Rinko Ueda

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 978-1421535937

Recommended for Older Teens


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

New maid Keiko Kinoshita enters the Ashida household under the guise of helping out, but she’s actually a spy for the vice president of Soichiro’s company. As Sumi struggles to keep her past a secret, will Keiko’s insidious schemes destroy the couple?


Ah, nobody spins a tale as full of melodrama and fun as Rinko Ueda.  Stepping on Roses is such a cracktastic series!  This is a soap opera on speed, and since all of my favorite soaps have been canceled on network TV, I’m grateful to have this series to fall back on.  Sumi may be too stupid to live at times, but she is so sweet that I don’t hold her lack of common sense against her for very long.  Now, Soichiro is a different story.  He is just being contrary and spoiled most of the time, which only makes me want to grab him by the scruff of his neck and shake him until he mends his selfish ways.  Sigh.  I know that he will grow up one of these days.

In this volume, Soichiro’s rival Kujo installs a spy in the Ashida household.  Keiko looks unassuming and meek, but she’s anything but!  The new maid has been given one directive – discover the truth about Sumi’s background so Kujo can destroy Soichiro’s chances of running the family business.  Keiko’s a crafty one, too.  Or is it that Sumi and her arrogant husband are just too naïve when it comes to espionage?   Even with one calamity after another happening in their home, neither is ready to toss Keiko into the streets, which is exactly where she belongs!

To add to Sumi’s distress, Miu is starting to get a clue that there’s something fishy between Nozomu and Sumi.  Instead of coming clean about their relationship, Sumi is keeping her impulsive brush with the forbidden strictly under wraps, and you can bet that it’s going to seriously test their friendship when Miu figures it out. 

I love all of the conflict that is brewing in the background, and I know that it’s going to boil out of control at the worst possible moment.  If you enjoy soaps and tons of emotional upheavals, Stepping on Roses is a fun series to sink your teeth into.  The beautiful art is a bonus.

Grade: A-

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4 thoughts on “Review: Stepping on Roses Vol 4 by Rinko Ueda

  • July 29, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    I have to pick me up some romance manga! That’s a genre I haven’t tried before (within manga).

  • July 29, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    I haven’t read much romance manga, either, unless Nana counts. (I guess it does. :)) This series sounds like so much fun, and I love the art, just judging from the cover.

  • July 30, 2011 at 2:23 am

    I hardly ever get on with pure romance…and I got put off by being told that the second volume gets really pervy….Glad you enjoyed it anyway, even if it’s not my thing!

  • July 30, 2011 at 7:11 am

    @Lisa – There are so many good romance series! Let me know if you need some suggestions for shorter series to get you started!

    @Kat – NANA counts, for sure! That is one of the best romance/chick lit/angsty series on the market! Due to the author’s health issues, though, there have been delays in new material.

    Stepping on Roses is a fun series – it’s one of my faves currently.

    @Nina-I don’t remember the second volume getting pervy – I’ll have to go back and look.

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