Picture Book Review–The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage by Andrews and Hamilton

Title: The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage

Authors: Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton

Illustrator: Christine Davenier

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 978-0316040525



Wow, I thought this was a great read!  I love the feel good ending, and thought the illustrations were wonderful.  Gerry, the young protagonist, thinks she is a fairy princess.  She loves sparkles and everything pink, and she never leaves home without her tiara.  When she’s cast as the jester in the ballet production of The Crystal Princess, she’s disappointed.  Not only will she not be allowed to wear the crystal princess’s beautiful and very sparkly white dress, she has to wear a silly hat and shoes with pointed toes and annoying bells.  What is a fairy princess to do, but to try to take all of these setbacks in stride.  When a mishap during the show threatens the production, can a jester save the day?

This is a fun picture book, with a very charming protagonist.  I loved Gerry, and I loved her dance instructor, too.  The compelling narrative drives the story, and the prose kept me thoroughly entertained as I followed along with Gerry as she makes the best of a small setback.  She doesn’t want to be a clown, not when she is so skilled at being a princess.  Why can’t her ballet instructor she that she’s meant to play the part of the princess?  Her attitude changes during the course of the play, and the ending left me smiling.  The whimsical illustrations fit perfectly, and the colorful drawings give energy to the story.  This very fun read will being out the fairy princess in everyone.

Grade: A

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