Vacation Reads Interview – Christine and Christopher Russell, Authors of The Warrior Sheep Series

Christine and Christopher Russell know a thing or two about vacations.  After all, their Warrior Sheep have wandered near and far, in a valiant attempt to complete their wooly mission.  This fall, they hit the ultimate vacation hot spot – Vegas!  The Russells dropped by the virtual offices to chat about some of their personal vacation memories.

Can you share your favorite vacation memory?

Walking around Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) in the rain. It hardly ever rains in the Australian desert. Most of the other tourists went home disappointed but a handful of us waded 9 km around the base, gazing at the instant waterfalls. Awesome.

What is your least favorite vacation experience and why?

After a fascinating holiday in Russia, twenty years ago, our little girl, then six, became unwell at Moscow airport. We couldn’t explain to the guard we pushed past that she was about to vomit on his boots and  for a moment we thought he was going to shoot us all.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Christine: Back to India. We spent a couple of weeks there and would love to see more.  Why? For the colour and the vibrancy.

Chris: And the food. 

What 5 items do you pack first?

Christine: My glasses. Can’t read a thing without them; notepad and pen for writing a journal; a fleece, in case we can’t turn the air con off; an umbrella, an English habit we can’t break; and a sarong which can be used as a skirt or a scarf or a bedsheet if you’re somewhere none to clean, or a curtain if you’re somewhere none to private or…

Chris: What’s packing?

What’s your ideal vacation?   Chillaxing and relaxing, or always on the go, go, go?

Christine: Go go go

Chris: And go again.

Thanks for stopping in!!

Make sure you pick up the very amusing The Quest of the Warrior Sheep now, so you’re all ready for the next book in the series, The Warrior Sheep Go West, due in stores in August!



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