Review: Gantz Vol 14 by Hiroya Oku


Title: Gantz Vol 14

Author: Hiroya Oku

Publisher: Dark Horse

ISBN: 978-1595825988

For Readers 18+ Only!


Most Definitely Does Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

Our alien-hunting gang meets a vampire gang who can grow samurai swords from their hands! Once again, Hiroya Oku is pushing the envelope with his crazy manga Gantz! And to add to it, these vampire yakuza guys might not even be aliens! This isn’t a mission. These guys seem to know who is working for Gantz, and are coming after them. On the streets where they work and live. In the daylight. All of a sudden the wall between everyday humanity and Gantz’s nighttime, extradimensional hunts is crumbling. What will Kei and the others do? Can they regenerate when they’re injured outside of a mission? Find out!


WTF?!  What is going on in my favorite manga series of gratuitous violence and barely any plot?  I have no idea, but the danger is on an upswing for Kurono.  Again!  You’d think that battling a ginormous alien dinosaur without his suit – and defeating it- would be hard to top in terms of a near death experiences (as well as triggering an involuntary bowel moment) but no!  NO!  There are even worse things in store for Kei!!  What? What?? There are now vampires!  Vampires in the world of Gantz!  These are not those sparkly pretty boy pushovers from a certain popular YA paranormal series either.  These are big, bad, deadly monsters that walk the streets during both the day and the night, and they have a great big grudge against the saps that Gantz has recruited to be the playthings for a bunch of alien sickos.

So, Kei doesn’t rub me the wrong way anymore – falling in love with Tae has made him finally think about someone other than himself, and that’s a good thing.  Now I care about whether he gets bloodily slaughtered in each new mission.  Izumi – he’s a different story.  While I don’t like the big adrenaline junky, I certainly do enjoy watching him get his moves on.  He is poetry in motion with that sword of his, and he doesn’t care who he uses it on.  Aliens, vampires, comrades in arms.  He also sees green every time he looks in Kei’s direction.  How can the little guy score so much higher during alien combat missions?  It just grates on Izumi’s nerves.  Ha, serves you right, you big jerk.  Maybe when you start to care about others you’ll finally wipe the floor with Kei’s battle suit.

I am most appalled with myself for enjoying this series as much as I do.  It really has no plot to speak of, and it celebrates wanton death and destruction.  But so, too, do the big summer blockbusters.  Gantz just has bigger boobs to go along with the one-dimensional, brainless females who drift in and out of Kei’s life.   Each new wrinkle in the barely there plot is really just another excuse for more bloodshed and even more flying body parts.  I don’t even want to contemplate overly long on any one aspect of the series, because I’m afraid it will ruin the reading experience for me.   If you enjoy over the top action and adventure, this is the series for you.  Just make sure you enjoy it for what it is – the summer blockbuster of manga.

Grade: B+

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