Interview with Courtney Cole, Author of Every Last Kiss

Courtney Cole is the author of Every Last Kiss, a romance that spans centuries.  I love Ancient Egypt, so I was excited to see the setting for Courtney’s book, and I love the doomed lover trope.  Just because you have the power to change Fate, should you?  I never get tired of that plot!  I was excited when Courtney stopped by the Café to answer a few questions about her book.

[Manga Maniac Café] Describe yourself in 140 characters or less.

[Courtney Cole] Sassy, snarky, tall writer.  Mom of 3, wife to 1. Friend to many. Hates buoys and birds, loves Harry Potter and cake batter.

You know, it’s funny.  I’ve been on Twitter so much lately, that I’ve started thinking in 140 character sound bytes.  That’s pretty pathetic.  🙂

[MMC] I get the same way when I tweet a lot.  My work emails look like tweets.  Not so good!

Can you tell us a little about your book, Every Last Kiss?

[CC] Absolutely!  It’s a book about a girl….

Macy Lockhart is a normal girl with an abnormal bird-shaped birthmark on her wrist. She doesn’t even think twice about the odd marking until strange things begin happening to her and an anonymous gift is left on her doorstep… a beautiful, blood-red pendant. A bloodstone.

It isn’t long before she is surrounded by craziness… ancient high priests, visions and memories that she can’t explain. And that’s just the beginning.

She quickly comes to the realization that the bloodstone wasn’t just given to her… it was returned to her. It has been hers all along, for thousands of years. She has lived hundreds of lives and all of them have been important.

But before she can even come to terms with that craziness, she is forced to return to one of them that was particularly tragic….a previous doomed life where she lived as Cleopatra’s handmaiden, Charmian.

Fate, the very thing that she is born to protect, is being threatened in a way that would destroy history as we know it. The fate of the world literally sits on her shoulders. But of course, just handling that small issue would be too easy.

Unless she interferes with destiny, her soul-mate will die. Can she really stand aside and allow the love of her life to die all over again?

[MMC] How did you come up with the concept and the characters for the story?

[CC] Well, I do a lot of random, pointless musing.  :)   Seriously, when I do things like wash the dishes or go for my evening walk, I let my mind wander.  And during one of those times, I started thinking about Fate and wondering which of history’s tragic characters would change their fate if they could.  And that’s how Every Last Kiss was born (because I totally think of my books as my babies…)

[MMC] What have you learned about yourself through your characters?

[CC] I’ve learned that I’m far more patient than I thought I was!   I was working on the sequel to Every Last Kiss the other day and my characters threw me a curve ball! I had no idea that the plot was going to take that turn.

[MMC] How much research did you conduct?  What is the most interesting fact you learned about ancient Egyptians?

[CC] Oh, man.  I did SO MUCH research.  I read everything I could get my hands on about Cleopatra-era Egypt.  And it really is fascinating.   I learned so many interesting things– the Egyptians were really advanced in so many things.  But probably my favorite tid-bit is the fact that when modern archeologists found King Tut’s tomb, they came across sealed jugs of perfume oil.  When they opened them, the oil still had a scent- over two thousand years later!  That’s some really good perfume oil!  Just one of the many things the Egyptians were good at. 

[MMC] If you were sucked into a time vortex and ended up in ancient Egypt, what would you miss the most?  What do you think you would like the best about your new life?

[CC] Modern medicine!  Could you imagine having PMS and no Midol?  Ack.   Hmm.  What would I like the best… I think the archeological wonders.  I can’t imagine being there in the heyday, when the marble on the palace floors was sparkling and new.  It must have been gorgeous. 

[MMC] What was the most challenging aspect of writing the book?

[CC] I was definitely sucked into this story.  So maybe the challenge was that I couldn’t write it fast enough.  If I could’ve, I would’ve written round the clock.  I never wanted to stop at the end of the day. 

[MMC] If you had to pick one book that turned you on to reading, what would it be?

[CC] Wow.  I started reading when I was really little.  My parents read to me every day.  Although, now that I think about it, there was this book, I think it was called Me and My Flying Machine.  My grandma used to read to me over and over.  It was about a little boy who pretended that he was building an airplane and he daydreamed about all of the places that he would fly.  I learned to read on that book.  And I just kept reading from there.  Later on, I loved the Little House books, the Trixie Belden series and the Sweet Valley High books. 

[MMC] What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

[CC] I like to be outside with my family.  We play a lot of basketball (we’re a tall family), go for lots of walks and spend a lot of time at Lake Michigan in the summer.  And we just got a new trampoline, so I’m sure I’ll be out there a lot with my kids.  Yes, I’m really just a big child.  🙂

Thanks so much for having me!! 

[MMC] Thanks for making the time to drop in and chat!

Courtney’s pretty cool, huh?  To learn more about her, hop on over and follow her on:





Every Last Kiss is available in both paperback and eBook, and you can purchase it from your favorite book seller, or by clicking the handy Amazon widget below.

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