Review: Goong Vol 6 by Park SoHee


Title: Goong Vol 6

Author: Park SoHee

Publisher: Yen Press

ISBN: 978-0759531475


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

Hoping to clear the air between Shin and Chae-Kyung, the ladies of the court pressure the young couple to get more intimate. But even a night together may not be enough to push the two close. Amid lingering suspicions of Shin’s involvement with Hyo-Rin, Yul takes the offensive in claiming not only his right to the throne, but to Chae-Kyung’s heart as well…Will her commitment to her husband and her duty as crown princess prevail?


If you enjoy soap operas and angsty teen dramas, Goong is the series for you!  I love all of the complicated interpersonal relationships, most of which are highly contentious.  Chae-Kyung has been forced into a life she never expected, and despite being a princess now, she longs to have her normal life back.  There are so many limitations placed on her, and she no longer has much control over her own activities.  She can’t even visit her grandfather, who is very ill and in the hospital, because it conflicts with her duties as a member of the royal family.  Shin, the Crown Prince and her young husband, is also making her miserable, because she is in love with him, but all they manage to do is argue with each other. 

With the press watching their every move, the adults in the palace are worried about Shin and Chae-Kyung causing more gossip, and embarrassing the royal family more than they already have.  Shin and Chae-Kyung are fodder for scandalous rumors, which is giving fuel to Yul’s mother’s ambitions for both her son and herself.  She is scheming to have Yul reinstated as the Crown Prince, and she is also plotting to have more governmental power granted to the royal family.  She is  not content to be a figurehead, and she is paving the way for big, big changes in the status quo.

With lavish art and a storyline that is growing ever more complicated and compelling, Park SoHee is crafting an entertaining, character-driven series.  Chae-Kyung and Shin both behave like what they are; two confused teenagers who have to live a very public life.  In the privacy of the palace, their interactions run a gamut of behaviors; they tease each other, they bicker with each other, they yell at each other, they laugh with each other.  In the public eye, they must always be conscious of their actions, and present a harmonious, united front.  It’s not easy for either one of them, because they are so confused about their own mixed up feelings.  What they need is some time to just be themselves and sort it out, but that isn’t going to happen with all of the meddling adults trying to control them, their obligations, and their busy schedules.

Grade: B+

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