Booking Through Thursday–Cover


This week’s Booking Through Thursday asks:

CAN you judge a book by its cover?

While I don’t you can, or even should, judge a book by it’s cover, I am often guilty of doing just that.  With as many unread books that are out there, clamoring for my attention, it takes a lot to convince me to part with my hard earned dollars and buy one.  An attractive cover helps to get my notice, even though I know that there is no correlation between the cover design and the actual content of the book.  Still, the cover is the first thing that I see, it makes the largest impression on me, and unless the book is written by a favorite author, there has to be something about the cover to draw me in.  Since I purchase most of my books online and have little interaction with them other than the cover, those jacket illustrations are even more important to get a title noticed.

That being said, there are plenty of books with unattractive covers that I enjoyed, and I know I wouldn’t have picked up if I hadn’t received review copies or read positive reviews about them.  Even knowing that, I am still swayed by pretty, pretty covers!

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