Review: The Millionaire’s Revenge by Cathy Williams, Hiromi Kobayashi

Title: The Millionaire’s Revenge by Cathy Williams and Hiromi Kobayashi

Publisher: Harlequin K.K./SOFTBANK Creative Corp.

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I liked this story a lot, and not just because it has horses in it (I promise!).  Laura has fallen on hard times, and she is struggling to pay off her father’s gambling debts.  Once a wealthy socialite, she is now a secretary at a law firm, and it’s a challenge to make ends meet.  She is in so far over her head that the situation looks completely hopeless.  When her ex, Gabriel, enters her life again after 7 years, she hopes he will buy the family horse farm.  What she doesn’t know is that Gabriel, now a wealthy businessman, is only out for one thing – revenge!

I love this trope!  Laura was nineteen when she and Gabriel fell in love, and when the penniless stable hand proposed to her, she rejected him.  She was too young!  She wasn’t ready to marry yet!  She also knew her parents will object to Gabriel, and she didn’t want to upset them.  When she begged him to wait a few years, he accused her of loving her affluent lifestyle more than him.  Bitter and hurt, he stormed off.  Driven by the need to hurt her as much as she hurt him, he became determined to break her heart, too. 

Though we don’t get many background details on Gabriel’s meteoric rise from poor laborer to wealthy investor, I thought the short length worked well for this story.  There’s plenty of tension, and multitude of powerful emotions.  Laura’s reluctance to marry Gabriel when she was so young and just getting started at college made perfect sense to me.  She was nineteen, and even though she loved Gabriel, she wasn’t ready to make a lifelong commitment to him, or to go against her parents’ wishes. She wanted to discover who she was first, before she settled down to a life with Gabriel.  I think that she was actually being the more mature of the two, because repairing that rift between her parents would have been extremely difficult, and they would have resented Gabriel even more for stealing their daughter away from them, and trying to make comfortable lives for themselves without the support of both of their families would have been difficult, given their circumstances.

The Millionaire’s Revenge is a solid addition to the Harlequin manga titles available at eManga, and it captures the heartache and hope of falling in love – again.

Grade: B+

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