Review: Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files – Storm Front Vol 1: The Gathering Storm


Title: The Dresden Files – Storm Front Vol 1: The Gathering Storm

Authors: Jim Butcher, Mark Powers, Ardian Syaf

Publisher:  Del Rey

ISBN: 978-0345506399


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

A graphic novel based on the bestselling Harry Dresden books by Jim Butcher!

If circumstances surrounding a crime defy the ordinary and evidence points to a suspect who is anything but human, the men and women of the Chicago Police Department call in the one guy who can handle bizarre and often brutal phenomena. Harry Dresden is a wizard who knows firsthand that the everyday world is actually full of strange and magical things—most of which don’t play well with humans.

Now the cops have turned to Dresden to investigate a horrifying double murder that was committed with black magic. Never one to turn down a paycheck, Dresden also takes on another case—to find a missing husband who has quite likely been dabbling in sorcery. As Dresden tries to solve the seemingly unrelated cases, he is confronted with all the Windy City can blow at him, from the mob to mages and all creatures in between.


I am new to The Dresden Files, and I have been putting off reading this graphic novel adaptation of Storm Front because I was afraid I wouldn’t understand what was going on.  This is the second comic series based on the novels, which made me doubly apprehensive; I haven’t read any of the novels, I wasn’t familiar with the Welcome to the Jungle GN series, and I didn’t even know that there is a TV show based on the series.  Dean told me about the show when he saw me reading the book.  I felt like I have been living under a rock!

It didn’t take long for me to get caught up in the story, and by the end, I was totally engaged.  Dresden is pretty darn cool!  He even battles a demon in his birthday suit! Do you know how hard it is to look tough and intimidating when you are fighting for your life while you are as naked as a jay bird??  Harry pulls it off with aplomb.  I love his character – he makes mistakes, doesn’t really learn from them, but he sure can roll with the punches.  And the baseball bats!  I hope he has a generous health insurance policy, because he sure does get beaten up a lot!

In this adventure, Harry is helping the police track down a killer.  He’s quickly threatened by a mobster and a vampire, and neither one would shed any tears if anything fatal happened to him.  Even the White Council is out to get him; they think he is the only person who could have committed the grisly crime.   They are also good at holding grudges. Despite everyone warning him off the case, and the threats against him, Harry is determined to solve the mystery.  Whoever the killer is, they aren’t joking around.  The murderer is dangerous, and needs to be found before someone else turns up very, very dead.  Such an unpleasant and painful way to die. too!

I enjoyed my first foray into Dresden’s world.  The magical and the mundane mix together, disrupting Harry’s life.  Fairies, vampires, and demons all manage to cause him grief, some much more than others.  Harry’s life is complicated, and when you start tossing mobsters, vampires,  and women into the picture, it’s no wonder that the guy is still single.  He gets the crap beat out of him, pisses off several people by just breathing, and even double books a Saturday night date.  Oops!  I’m not surprised that his cat is about the only one who has his back.

Storm Front was a fun introduction to the Dresden Files.  I hopped on over to the library catalog and placed a hold on the first graphic novel, Welcome to the Jungle.  I am out of luck on the next volume of Storm Front though; I’ll have to keep checking the library and hope that they eventually get a copy.

Grade: B

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