Review: Clean-Freak Fully Equipped Vol 1 by Touya Tobina


Title: Clean-Freak Fully Equipped Vol 1

Author: Touya Tobina

Publisher: Tokyopop

ISBN: 978-1427830173


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

This eccentric clean freak takes OCD and romance to the next level – manga style! Sata Senda has become a compulsive cleanliness freak because of a frightening experience three years ago. He always carries anti-bacterial spray and germ masks as standard equipment and doesn’t allow any form of personal contact, leaving him without friends. That is, until he meets Sata, who has been half-forced to participate in a school trip and arrives completely wrapped in a protective suit…


I wasn’t expecting much from this comedy, so I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it as much as I did.  It is brainless fun at its best, and though I felt bad for poor Sata and his compulsive need to clean, I found myself laughing all the way through the book.  Sata makes Mr Clean look like a germy slob, and this middle school student takes cleaning to a whole new, neurotic level.

After a disturbing and disgusting childhood incident, Sata Senda is scarred for life.  He sees the world as one, large, predatory germ.  He is afraid to touch anything unless is has been thoroughly sanitized, and he goes to great (and ridiculous) lengths to keep himself separate from the rest of the germ-carrying population.  He has a plastic enclosure that he seals himself in at school, and he greets the outside world dressed in a hazmat suit.  Sata is a disturbed young man!

While Sata’s bizarre behavior is amusing in its own right, it is his interactions with his classmates that charmed me.  He isn’t the emotionally distant person he thinks he is, and underneath all of his wet wipes and hand sanitizer, he is really very lonely.  He’s just so afraid of germs that he doesn’t want to get close to anybody.  When several pushy kids in his class won’t leave him alone,  he slowly begins to see that having friends isn’t such a bad thing.  He’ll just need to carry more disinfectants.

Grade: B+

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