Review: Pucker Up by Rhonda Stapleton


Title: Pucker Up

Author: Rhonda Stapleton

Publisher: Simon Pulse

ISBN: 978-1416974666


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

In this irresistibly romantic trilogy, Felicity discovers that she’s no ordinary teen matchmaker…she’s a cupid!

Felicity can’t believe her luck. Her longtime crush is now officially her boyfriend, and just in time for prom. Felicity isn’t just smitten with Derek, she’s head-over-heels in love. So when she learns that her boss at Cupid’s Hollow used cupid magic to make Derek fall for her, Felicity is devastated. What will happen when the magic wears off?

Felicity has only two weeks to win Derek’s heart for real–no matter what it takes!


When I received this for review, I was a little apprehensive to dive into the book without having read the other Stupid Cupid novels.  That fear was unfounded, and I was immediately caught up in Felicity’s struggles to be the best cupid she can be, and to be a supportive girlfriend to Derek.  Derek also works as a cupid at Cupid’s Hollow, and Felicity is amazed at the success rate of his matches.  She is also a bit embarrassed at her own impulsive matching efforts.  Where Derek puts a lot of thought into and even refers to the cupid handbook before sending his matchmaking emails, Felicity has a more off her hip approach to her job.  When it blows up in her face, she begins questioning everything about her relationship with both her friends and with Derek.  To make matters worse, she is devastated to learn that her boss matched her up with Derek!  What will happen when the spell wears off?

I thought this was a very cute read.  Felicity is not the hardest working cupid out there, and her lackadaisical approach to her job is causing her all kinds of grief.  She had me cracking up because she over-analyzes everything.  Everything!  She is so consumed with doubts about both her job and her relationship with Derek that she starts lashing out at everyone.  I can certainly understand her apprehension!  Derek is, like, the perfect guy!  It’s almost irritating how wonderful he is!  He works hard at everything he does, and it shows in his performance.  For someone like Felicity, who is easily distracted and who looks for the easy way to do everything, Derek’s successes must have grated on her very last nerve.

Even though I haven’t read the other books in the series, I was able to understand the plot without any problems.  I liked both Felicity and the irritatingly perfect Derek, as well as Felicity’s group of friends.  I felt that I got to know Felicity very well through her rapid fire narrative, and I found her commentary amusing.  This was just the book I was in the mood for, and I enjoyed the humorous situations and Felicity’s quirks and her faults.  For a quick, light read, Pucker Up will keep you both entertained and amused.

Grade:  B

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