Cover Shot! High Hurdles Collection by Lauraine Snelling

If you have been hanging out at the blog for a while, you know by now that I am geeked about books with animals, especially horses and dogs.  I wasn’t aware of the High Hurdles series until I saw this cover for the first omnibus edition, which collects the first five books of the series.  Once I see that a book is about horses, I don’t need to know much more; I just want to read it.  I especially love books about horse competitions, though I wish there were a few more out there in my riding disciple, which is saddleseat.  Discounted to $9.90 at Amazon, this is a steal!



Fourteen-year-old DJ Randall wants nothing more than to compete as a show jumper in the Olympics. The challenges that stand in her way only spur her to work harder toward her dream. Whether it’s mucking out stalls and hosting pony parties to earn money to buy her first horse or navigating the changing family dynamics at home, DJ relies on her faith in God to see her through the most daunting obstacles. Collection One includes Olympic Dreams, DJ’s Challenge, Setting the Pace, Out of the Blue, and Storm Clouds.

In stores April 1

Here is the old cover for the first book in the series – I think the new one is much more appealing. What do you think?